September 15, 2016

EPIC Community Meeting Minutes 09 - 15

September 15th, 2016, 6:30 p.m. – 8:50 p.m.

East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) -280-8418

Board Roster: Laura Dale, Shawna Dillon, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass. Margarita Ortega, Kristin Hanks, Rosie Cruz, Jenny Bjorgo, Mary Gonsior
Board Members Present: Margarita, Carol, Linda, Laura, Rosie (L)
Board Members Not Present: Shawna Dillon, Mary Gonsior (E), Kristin Hanks, Jenny Bjorgo (E)
Members: George Kennedy;  Carol Hill Kennedy; Lee Samuelson; Pat Fleetham; Brad Pass
Guests: Shirley Heyer; Bob Byers county public works; Dereck Sunstrom and Allan Klugman

MOTION: Meet as a committee of the whole. Approved.

6:49     Introductions:

·      Greetings and Introductions:
·      Approval of Agenda: BP, GK Passed.
·      Approval of Minutes from August 11th, 2016. Rita and Carol Kennedy; passed

6:45     Announcements:

·      Next EPIC Board Meeting will be October 1st, Saturday at the Park 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.
·      CLEAN SWEEP – October 8th, Welna’s Parking Lot for breakfast at 9:00 am. Bring your friends and Neighbors. Come early for a T-shirt
  • Next EPIC Community meeting will be October 13th, Thursday at the Park 6:30 to 8:45 pm.
  • EPIC Garden Harvest Party, October 15th, Good Food, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Bring your musical instruments.
  • Neighborhood Network invitation to participate. Next Door is a private social network for you and your community. Talk to your neighbors online.

7:15     Traffic Changes on Franklin/Cedar/ Minnehaha Aves – Bob Byers, Hennepin County

Plans for changes to the Cedar Franklin Minnehaha intersections. Concerns: semis and large trucks congesting roads, too many stoplights on Cedar (between Franklin and 24th St.) Safety and Congestion.

  • History review about how the original grid system has been intersected by other additions so there isn’t good alignment. Cedar/Franklin is a top crash intersection. The objective is to try to remove chaos; improve safety; make it easier to get through the area.
  • Difficult to get consenses; budget constraints; delayed action;
  • County is going to repave Cedar and Franklin so we NEED to have a plan for bigger improvements.
  • Recent bids too high because contractors 30% higher than expected because they are busy.
  • Negative environment for pedestrians, traffic, and bikes.

A visual presentation explained that traffic flows will be better because of alignment of lanes and “squaring” the cedar/franklin intersection. They have used video and simulations from real data to design 22nd to carry much more traffic. The street by taco bell will become two way. There will be no need for a light on 22nd and Cedar because traffic will travel in “clumps” allowing time for left turn lanes. There will be safer routes for bikes and pedestrians. The planners know the model may be “off” and they intend to monitor carefully how drivers manage the changes. The bids will go out again next spring and they hope bids will be lower.

CEDAR BRIDGE REPAIR AND OR WIDENING WAS BRIEFLY DISCUSSED. Pat Fleetham will follow up with the county about the project and what the historical and other constraints will be. Discussion will continue

7:45     Efforts to respond to the crime situation—Concerns?, Discussion, Information Intake, Solutions?

2900 block of 15th
The officers are not arresting people. There is information to share off the record.
Cano door knocks Little Earth with Rita to host political meetings with the mayor and LaDuc
To talk about crime is to talk about your family at Little Earth and the families are huge and can include four or five households so you are talking about their uncle or cousin or brother or grandma and no one is going to talk to an outsider about that.

There was discussion about getting youth at Little Earth feeling good being outside of their community to widen their perspective.  People offered resources for helping youth get out into communities for construction. The playground at Waite House tomorrow is an example.

The police cameras are not very helpful. Rita reported that the current camera in the park has such a narrow field that it doesn’t catch any of the dealing.

Terry at emergency operations said no one can place any more cameras because there are over 150 cameras and they can’t place the cameras in Cedar Field because they don’t have enough servers. We might be able to do one camera in the future on Cedar Field and one on 16th maybe. Wells Fargo want 5 cameras on Chicago and Lake and they get to go first. Rita said the police probably won’t monitor our cameras unless we force them tol

 A majority of the meeting of the whole wants to see the barricade improved and made more beautiful.

A majority of the whole wants to encourage the City Council to add additional servers to the emergency operations center so more cameras can be installed for the police department.

8:00     Update on Pollution Problems--- Discussion, Information Intake, Solutions?
Let’s scan and enter the MPCA minutes for information purposes. The meeting was September 7th.

The city is going to use half the roof depot building. Rita spoke with some employees at an emergency planning meeting and learned that we can still press to use part of the building. She knows about a planning group that might use aqua culture.  We could submit a different proposal. Jenny Lansing from the City of Minneapolis is a contact with environmental climate change.  

8:15     Clean Sweep –Brad Pass
Handout for October 8th

8:30     EPIC Harvest Party plans -Brad
Handout for October 15th

8:45    Adjourn

September 10, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes 09 - 10

September 10th, 10:00 am -12:00
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 280-8418

Board Roster: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Kristin Hanks , Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass.
Board Members Present: Jenny Bjorgo, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass, Rosie Cruz.
Board Members Not Present: Kristin Hanks
EPIC Members:
Guests: Michelle Chavez, Shirley Heyer, Mahamed Cali

10:00   Introductions:

·       Greetings and Introductions.
·       Approval of Agenda: JB, MO approved as amended.
·       Approval of Minutes from August 6th, 2016: MG, LD approved.

10:10   Announcements:
  • Next EPIC Membership Meeting, September 15th, East Phillips Park, Thursday 6:30 pm.
  • Next EPIC Board meeting, October 1st, East Phillips Park, Saturday, 10:00 am.
  • Clean Sweep- October 8th…Get ready!
  • EPIC Garden Harvest Party- October 15th, Great for kids, pumpkin carving contest, treats, eats
  • Open House, PRG; new house build on 2500 block of 14th Avenue. Next Saturday.

10:15     Michelle Chavez- City Survey and any other issues. Future funding?

Neighborhood Board Diversity Survey. There are 70 neighborhoods and staff were asked to come out and do the surveys in person (not sufficient response last year.) Asking board members to complete and return, or to complete the survey online. 900-1,000 people volunteer at the neighborhood level. The survey is related to the City’s Engagement goals.

Requests for future funding is due again in mid-November for the next three years (2017-2019) for the Community Participation Program. EPIC did not receive the mailing, and Michelle will send another packet. The booklet contains a chart showing information $232,000 over three years. EPIC must apply for this funding, and can set aside funds for priorities (projects) aside from operational and organizing costs. There is a worksheet that explains what you can spend the funds on. Guidelines are significantly changed, as the city worked hard to engage the community to improve the guidelines. Resources explaining these changes are available online. Michelle will send hyperlinks to these resources.  

Michelle was not sure when the next CIF grants will be offered; city is still working on grants that run through 2017.

10:25   Funding for Clean Sweep:  1st weekend in October

MOTION: EPIC will provide $999.00 for funding for trucks and t-shirts. JB, MO, Approved.

10:30   KALY Radio Station Proposal – Mahamed Cali, SAC Executive Director

The Somali American Community (SAC) has been running a low power, volunteer-driven community radio station for the past 9 months. Visit the station online at You can also listen on your phone by dialing 641-552-5322.

After successfully bidding to receive an FCC license, and operating for the first year, KALY radio is seeking funding to ensure a successful 2nd year. Partnering with neighborhoods is a priority for the station, as the station seeks to become a two-way channel for information between the TC Somali Community and the Greater Minneapolis area.

SAC is asking EPIC to partner with SAC to keep this radio station on the air by providing annual underwriting funds. Even more important, SAC wants to partner with the neighborhoods to promote programming and community engagement.

MOTION: EPIC supports SAC and KALY Radio, and will write letters of endorsement and support for KALY radio station. MG, LL Approved.

MOTION: EPIC recommends to the membership that $2,500 for community outreach partnership be set aside to SAR/KALY Radio provided we can find available funds to modify our budget for outreach. LL, MG, 4 approved, 1 opposed, and 2 abstain.

12:07 Michael Green Requests
o   Speed bumps: EPIC presented all the finances, funding and status of the speed bumps (contract completed) at the August membership meeting.
o   Rent/Office: CP provided all of the finances and votes to Michael in the past, but will provide them again in electronic format and will copy the executive committee.
o   Recent email & communication: Michael had a misunderstanding of what is the EPIC website, but is actually a “location stamp” on Facebook, thinking that all sorts of inappropriate posts were “approved or endorsed” by EPIC. EPIC screened the website and found that there is no access to anyone without credentials, and that the EPIC website is secure. The “location stamp” is a GPS location stamp, and is available for public use to anyone who happens to be in the proximity of the Easts Phillips neighborhood. Recent emails from Michael Green will be shared with the board,

12:20   Resignation: Shawna Dillon

MOTION: EPIC regretfully accepts the resignation of Shawna Dillon, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors. We are thankful for her many contributions, and we would be happy for her to serve again in the future. MO, LL, approved.

12:20     Crime on 16th and 17th: Alondra’s email. Action??

CP distributed a report from Alondra communicating actions by the city to reduce the crime on 15th and Lake St.


Progress on Speed Bumps and Cameras – We are just waiting for the speed bumps to be put in. All the money for all the speed bumps has been raised; the contract is being written. Funds came from a combination of East Phillips and individual donors. Petition is done for 2500 block of 18th Ave.

·       We have an okay pending from the Park Board for the camera in Cedar Field. We will need more money for this

12:30    Adjourn