June 9, 2011

General Membership Meeting Minutes 06-09

June 9th, 2011, 6:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S**

Board Members: Linda Leonard, Jennie Bjorgo, Steve Struthers, Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior
Brad Pass,
Guests: Ruby Levine, Timothy Denherder-Thomas.  Part of the Sign-In Sheet missing.

6:30   Introduction:
·         Greetings and Introductions
Meeting is called to order by  Brad and seconded by Carol.  Meeting as a committee of the whole.  Called for a vote by Janey, voted on.  Yes.
·         Approval of Agenda, Brad moves that we approve the agenda.  Janey 2nd's it .  It is approved.
·        Minutes from EPIC General Membership Meeting 5/12/2011 Janey moves that we approved CW 2nd's it.  Minutes approved.

6:40    Announcements:
  • Sat, June 25, around 4pm: Transition Town Phillips BYOBBQ (2836 17th Avenue, Corrine Brunning's house) We are having a BBQ Meetup. The goal is to meet more of our neighbors, and organizers in the area.

Kim Hayden explains transition towns, peak oil, energy decent action plan, digital inclusion that Corrine works with.  Corrine works evenings and it is hard for her to get here.  TT is focusing on fun community building BBQ's this summer, meeting the neighbors getting to know one another.  Transition to different ways of using energy.  Started in the UK. 
Carol asks about translation services.

7:00         Community Energy Use Strategies:  Ruby Levine will explain Cooperative Energy Futures plan to
teach wise energy use to immigrants and other Phillips residents. The following motion was passed at the last EPIC meeting.
MOTION: The leadership of EPIC will confer with the leadership of Timothy/"Our Power through Community Action" about the possibility of writing a contract with a list of specific deliverables, to be presented for approval to the membership of EPIC in June. (CP, BP)  Motion passed.

Ruby and Carol met to discuss possible projects to educate the EPIC neighborhood about energy use and ways to save energy and money. The EPIC board worked to draft a memorandum of understanding to implement this project as the beginning of tackling energy conservation in East Phillips.

CEF is proposing a partnership with EPIC to provide services and products to 40 rental households in East Phillips. The proposal was presented to the membership. The board recommended that members vote on the proposal received.

MOTION: (MG, BP) Accept the proposal from CEF to provide services and products to EPIC residents as a "pilot project." Passed with 2 opposed.(LL,TB)

7:30     First Glance of major development of High Lake Shopping Center by Wellington Development,
Judd Fenlon presenting,
Immediate concerns: All singles and one-bedrooms tend to bring transience and crime…especially given crime already up at the Lake St. Station. 68 Units…looks like parking would be an issue. Face of bldg. pretty blank. possibility of balconies?? What do businesses think about adding more cars and parking problems?? Other configurations for parking?? Underground??  Under  the old Penny’s store??  Needs further study.  This is not our EPIC review. A final review pending. A full neighborhood review will occur after study by neighborhood and EPIC board.

7:50      Met Council Facilities and Pollution Issues. Report on meeting, future action
At this website, http://www.pca.state.mn.us/qzqh484, you will find information related to the MPCA’s Cumulative Levels and Effects Process

Met Council has approved two Paint Spraying facilities, right next to Cedar Towers and Little Earth. They also want to bring back part of the asphalt processing to the area. If you want to read the technical document, contact Carol Pass. If there will be another public meeting, Carol will send an email to residents.

8:15      Letter to Smith Foundry Owners:

Members reviewed a draft of a letter to Councilmember Schiff regarding heavy industry and violations of existing ordinances, and notifying officials of the motion passed by EPIC in May. The first sletter will be edited to be more general in nature. A second letter will be sent to focus on solving multiple include problems, and ordinances; and both letters will ask CM Schiff to provide a response.

MOTION: (BP, MG) Ratify the motions of the committee of the whole: motion passed.

8:25      NRP Update: Q & A on NRP Bill in the legislature. What’s at stake…What to do…What does this mean for us. 

8:30       Adjournment:

June 4, 2011

Board Meeting Minutes 06-04

June 4th, 2011, 10:00 am
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center 
2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address: eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present: Carol Pass, Chiffon Williams, Jenny Bjorgo, Mary Gonsior, Steve Struthers, Earl Simms
Guests: Brad Pass, Ruby Levine

10:00    Introduction:
·        Approval of Agenda (approved)
·        Minutes from EPIC Board Meeting Minutes 4/2/2011 (pending)

10:10    Announcements: 
·         Important: Legislative Review of NRP Funding with south Mpls. Legislators. June 7, Pearl Park, 7:00 to 8:30 pm 414 Diamond Lake Road
·         EPIC General Membership Meeting Thursday, June 9th, 6:30 pm at the East Phillips Park Center
·         Report on the Park Board’s work on the tornado damage. Write notes of thanks and also to Council            Member Gary Schiff.
·         Elector needed for NCEC election (toward the end of June)
·         Upcoming Meeting of the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commissions (NCEC)
·         Wed. June 8, 2011 5-6:00 pm, EPPCCC
·         Enjoy outdoor music and movies in Minneapolis parks all summer long. Go to www.minneapolisparks.org for more information.

10:20     Community Energy Use Strategies:  Ruby Levine of Cooperative Energy Futures will stand in for Timothy DHT to explain possible strategies to teach wise energy use to immigrants and other Phillips residents. Work on ideas to implement the motion from our last meeting.
MOTION: The leadership of EPIC will confer with the leadership of Timothy DHT/"Our Power through Community Action" about the possibility of writing a contract with a list of specific deliverables, to be presented for approval to the membership of EPIC in June. (CP, BP)  Motion passed.
I conferred….See EPIC Minutes from May 12th
Recommended action?

CEF - EPIC collaboration? Should EPIC find small organizations that can help EPIC get all the work done that we want to do?
  • Working with residents on how to improve energy efficiency, providing energy products and services to people who would not be able to afford them otherwise.
  • EPIC might provide funding for CEF to go into a building and educate residents.
  • Workshops help people learn how to use the products, and understand how to save energy/money

As we move out of NRP, EPIC should become a model of how neighborhood organizations can address the diversity issue and can address the geographic uniqueness issue, can address bringing different ethnic groups together, instead of balkanizing of them, providing horizontal democratic governance and participation, rather than vertical.

In this scenario, CEF gets some money, and is associated with a pretty good neighborhood with a good reputation; EPIC gets prestige, and achieves our goal of supporting small organizations that help us build the horizontal connections we desire.

Motion: LL, CF (passed) CEF will provide a proposal on Monday for Board comments, and final presentation to the GMM on Thursday.

10:35    Report on Meeting with Robert Thompson to determine contracting for services.

A sample "contract for services" will be distributed to board members by email.

10:50    Housing Task Force meeting.  Consider  contracting with Doug Wise or ? to help us research and set up plan for NRP Phase II . Housing Rehab support, grant writing with CEE, foreclosure work, etc.

Motion: (LL, CF) passed. Set aside $5,000 for with housing consultants to put together a plan for NRP phase II.

11:15    Work on Met. Council Facilities and Pollution Issues. Report on meeting

The Met Council wants to put a Rail Car paint spraying facility right next to Little Earth housing. They also want to put another polluting facility right next to Cedar Riverside towers. While anyone wanting to build a polluting business, they must adhere to intense and expensive studies to report on the cumulative effect of pollution. We SHOULD have required that they be prevented from exceeding recommended safe levels.

Motion: (LL, ES) passed. Obtain a full copy of the study, and the technical support documents for immediate review, for the purpose of potential expression of concerns.

11:25    Report on NRP Review and Plan Progress 

CP has been tied up with the legislature, but hopes to have some time in the next couple weeks to make progress on the NRP Review and Phase II plan.

Neighborhood noise and zoning ordinances
Police, Zoning, licensing, housing inspections, city council, Gary Schiff, Mpls. Health Department

11: 30    Adjournment