May 10, 2018

EPIC Community Meeting Draft Minutes 05 - 10

May 10th,  2018, 6:30 – 8:50
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) -280-8418

Board Roster: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass, Linda Vermillion, Abah Mohamed
Board Members Present: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass, Linda,
Board Members Not Present: Cassandra Holmes (E), Linda Vermillion (E), Abah Mohamed.
Members:  Bras Pass, Kelly Ekart, George Kennedy Carol Hill Kennedy,
Guests: Shirley Heyer

6:30     Social Time/ Greetings and Introductions

7:10     Approval of Proposed Agenda: BP, LD, approved.
Approval of April 12th General Membership Draft Minutes: BP, LD, approved.


-----     Announcements:

  • EPIC Community Garden Meeting – May 12th, 9:00 this Saturday morning, EPPark, 6 plots available!
    • Clean dirt! The soil was remediated back in 2005.

·       SummerFest will be Sunday, June 24, 2018. The next planning meeting is Tuesday, May 15th at 11:30 am.

  • Green Zones is meeting monthly for 8 months. There is a citizen’s board that meets the 4th Tuesday of the month. You can find their sustainability project with CPED. Their meeting calendar is on the City website.
  • Haitian Flag Day (Powderhorn Park) May 18th 5:30-9:00 commemorates the adoption of the Haitian Flag; Join with the Haitian Community to celebrate their history and culture.
  • Field-Regina-Northrop Neighborhood Celebration, Saturday at 11:30 am on June 2nd at McRae Park. Parade begins at field School – 4645 4th Ave S at 10:45 am.

7:30     Reflections on the Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was a big success. We gained a new board member, Abah Mohamed. We have good board that is stable, and has learned how to do a lot of big things for he neighborhood. Thank you to all those who volunteered to help plan, and carry out the meeting.

7:35     More on Swimming Lesson Plans for East Phillips Kids-Linda Leonard

Update. MPLS park board now has a swimming schedule for the summer. Classes are small (12 at most). Jean is going to print some pre-published schedules. The park needs to know when they will get EPIC money for the project; Jean proposes that EPIC provide a letter from an authority, guaranteeing that EPIC has the funds for $50 each child, up to 50 total children for a total of $2,500.00. Details to be figured out.

7:46    The Community Garden – Plots available with “pure country dirt”.

The garden serves people who live, work or own property in East Phillips. There are 6 plots available, and you can contact Brad Pass, or attend the garden meeting on Saturday.

7:49    Any Summer Issues you want EPIC to deal with…especially if you want to help

  • Carry out events through the summer.
    • Neighborhood BBQ at the park – August?
    • Expand our October Harvest party (block off the street)
      • Special invites to families that have been here for years
  • Raise money for EPIC
    • Youth car wash

8:20    Help Plan the EPIC SummerFest – Mid-June, Talent Show, Music, Food, etc. Bring your ideas and any musicians’ names you know. Do you want a table?

The next planning meeting is Tuesday, May 15th at 11:30 am. Lunch will be served. Ideas:

·       (from Kelly Trius) We’ve been talking about traffic control, and there was a small boy killed last year; if someone was interested in leading a project at SummerFest for the community to work together to create beautiful signs to place around the neighborhood: “slow for children” and “drive like your kids live here”.
·       Open Mike for Children

8:22     Crime and Safety issues: Questions we want answers to:

  • Stop and Shop: dealing, parking, weapons, trash, prostitution
  • Businesses on Lake St. have to deal with guns, gangs, drugs,
  • 2 shootings in East Phillips – people are shook up
    • Little Earth (6 victims, everyone was apprehended); LE community is meeting tonight
    • 2600 block of Cedar (police were in the alley on the east side of Cedar)
  • TH reported a man speeding 50 mph in the neighborhood; the police took almost an hour to arrive. Officer took so long because “he was doing something better”.
    • Reminder: hit the reset button. Keep calling 911. Over time we will see impact
    • Underwhelming police presence: call CM Cano

8:30     Adjourn

May 5, 2018

EPIC Board Meetinig Draft Minutes 05 - 05

May 5th, 2018, 10:00 am -12:00
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 280-8418

Board Roster: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Abah Mohamed, Carol Pass, Linda Vermillion
Board Members Present: Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass, Linda Vermillion, Rosie Cruz, Abah Mohamed
Board Members Not Present: Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes.
EPIC Members: Brad Pass, Halima Abdi

10:20   Introductions: Meeting as a committee of the whole

·       Greetings and Introductions
·       Approval of Agenda as amended: LV, LD, approved
·       Approval of Board Minutes from April 7th, 2018: LV, LD, approved

10:15   Announcements:
·       General Membership Meeting, May 10th, Thursday, at East Phillips Park, 6:30 to 8:45 pm.
·       SummerFest will be June 24, 2018 (Sunday)

10:15   Parking on 16th Avenue

Discussion of long standing parking issues and neighbor relationships on 16th Avenue.

10:51   EPIC Finances

·       EPIC has received $10,000 from our unused NRP dollars. The contract allows EPIC to spend these funds on Admin. We’re still waiting for the contract to come through for completing the Little Earth project.
·       WEI withdrew from EPNI, and Chad Hebert, Urban Farm Project will replace WEI and will receive $20,000 contract.
·       EPIC turned in a payment reimbursement request to DEED for $58K, to be disbursed to the partners of EPNI, in accordance with invoices submitted.

10:30   Welcome New and Incumbent Board Members:   

EPIC welcomes Abah Mohamed to the board!

MOTION: Accept the current executive committee to serve another year. LV, LD, approved.

11:24   EPNI - Urban Farm Project
·       Our payment request submission was described as “perfect”. We have a bill in the legislature for $3M which would also come in through EPIC.
·       CP and CH will advocate for the funding next week at the legislature.
·       EPNI is working on incorporating itself for future sustainability.
·       The city hasn’t changed its response to us – they don’t want to give us any space at all.
·       CH suggested looking into treaty rights in the area considering there are 30 different tribes represented at Little Earth; highlighting the impact of lack of jobs and opportunities, and the effect of pollution on youth in the area.
·       LL referenced an article about the impact of pollution on infants in the womb; miscarriage rates in the neighborhood. Fund a health survey at Little Earth and other nearby neighborhoods. Request stats from CUHCC, clinic at St. Paul’s community clinic, Smileys, and other neighborhood health clinic.
·       SH reported that the city is planning to build a public works building over NE – if this is approved, why would they need the Roof Depot site.

11:34   Swimming program
·       LL met with Park staff to present our concerns about roadblocks to our community to take advantage of the new swimming pool.
·       LL created a contact sheet so that EPIC can identify some families that are interested.
o   Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch, will receive a reduced fee for lessons.
o   Family pays $5 and EPIC pays $50 per student.
o   Sessions include 8 lessons.
o   Children 5-8 must be accompanied by an adult, in the water. Pool is 4.5 feet deep.
o   Children 9-12 must be accompanied by an adult (who does not need to be in the water.)
o   Park Board has not yet scheduled swimming lessons for the summer. Jean will have access to the schedule, but they are expecting children’s lessons to occur in the evening and on weekends.
·       Open Swim $5 (children ages 12 & under are free, up to four per paid adult.)
·       Monthly and Seasonal Passes are available.
·       Free swimsuit and life jackets are available for use by children and adults.
·       Some bi-lingual instruction will be available.

11:40   Summerfest Planning

See Handout.
Planning meeting is planned for Wed. May 9th at the park.

12:00   Adjourned

April 12, 2018

EPIC Community Meeting 04 - 12

April 12th,  2018, 6:30 – 8:50
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) -280-8418

Board Roster: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass, Linda Vermillion
Board Members Present: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass.
Board Members Not Present: Linda Vermillion (E).
Members: Brad Pass, Kelly Trius, Abah Mohamed, Michael Green, Maria Torres, Susan Harris, Rep. Karen Clark,
            Halima Abdi, Ed Burke, Dana DeWilde, Harry DeWilde, Rebecca Walling, Shontal LaJeunesse, Craig See
Guests: Brett Nyman CPS, Shirley Heyer,

6:30     Social Time/ Greetings and Introductions

-----     Announcements:  

  • Annual Meeting will be April 28, 2018, East Phillips Park, 9:30 – 11:30
  • EPIC Board Meeting, May 5th, Saturday, at EPIC Office 2433 Bloomington, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • Cinco de Mayo , May 5th, Saturday
  • General Membership Meeting, May 10th, Thursday, at East Phillips Park, 6:30 to 8:45 pm
  • SummerFest will be June 24, 2018
  • Green Zones is meeting monthly for 8 months. There is a citizen’s board that meets the 4th Tuesday of the month. You can find their sustainability project with CPED. Their meeting calendar is on the City website

Quorum achieved 6:46

6:55     Approval of Proposed Agenda: Approved as amended (by consensus.)
Approval of March 8th General Membership Draft Minutes: MG, CH, approved.

7:00     Crime and Safety issues: Brett Nyman and Inspector Sullivan of the 3rd Precinct will be joining us.         Come with your questions and possible solutions.

  • Distributed list of beat officers who are not running 911 calls. If you are in danger, call 911. But feel free to develop relationships with these officers.
  • Block Leader Training – 2 sessions (only need to attend one). Please RSVP so there are enough materials by phone to 612-673-2856 or email

    • Tuesday, May 8 and Monday June 11
    • 6:30-8 pm
    • Minneapolis Police Dept.
    • 3rd Precinct Community Room
    • 3000 Minnehaha Ave

  • March Part 1 crime and safety stats: See handout. There were two homicides in March (only 1 homicide all of last year.) 1 at the Super America after an altercation. No arrests. 2nd at Ogema Place; suspect arrested.


  1. Do the police have data on youth in East Phillips?
    1. Are they victims? Perpetrators? Could we get those stats?
    2. This would be a project; contact Brett.
  2. How does the police department provide resources if there is no arrest? If there is an arrest?
    1. What is the criteria for deciding whether someone is arrested or provided with services?
  1. Can the police offer a program for business owners where they can ask questions?
    1. Lake St. General Safety Conversation: Tuesday, April 17th, 1507 E. Lake St., 6:30 pm-7:30pm
    2. Block Leader Training
                                               i.     Citizen’s training is offered
    1. Coffee with a Cop (at McDonald’s)
    2. Visit the police precinct website
    3. Beat officers are supposed to be developing relationships.
  1. What processes are most effective in achieving results?
    1. People who are willing to call –
    2. People who are able to overcome being frustrated over a previous incident
    3. Advice: continuously hit a “reset” button
                                               i.     We need people to stay engaged
                                             ii.     Progress does get made
    1. Neighbors in action (south of Lake St.)
                                               i.     Patrols are a great idea; just need to get people involved and committed
1.     You can track crime numbers go down
    1. Cameras – is there funding?
                                               i.     Try the city council
  1. What does the police department do to let people know how they are improving their performance (in light of recent concerns)
    1. Different people want different things from the police. Community is not agreed. Example: loitering
                                               i.     Police take direction from the city council for what actions they want enforced.
    1. What about police training? What is specifically being done!
                                               i.     There is a Facebook site; Brett sends out information to block leaders; seasonal community forums.
  1. What about chronic homelessness; people loitering and leaving their belongings all over.
    1. Regular patrols, regular police presence.
    2. Homelessness is not a crime.
    3. Suggest we invite someone from St. Stephen’s to come and work with us on this long-term situation.
  2. What help do the police offer to help businesses deal with chronic homelessness
    1. They are afraid of going to jail.
    2. Other cities the police provide rides to places where help is provided.
    3. Minneapolis police do have this information – usually a mental health or other situation that prevents people from wanting to get help.
  3. Lighting really helps.

7:37   EPNI - Urban Farm Project: Next Steps:
·       Project Funding: we have a bill before the legislature for $3 million to build the project not just plan.
·       The project group is seeking money from both private sources and the state and anywhere to achieve this project. Goal is $10M.
·       Business and Development Plans: Each group is writing a business plan including financial sustainability.
o   A four-year process of neighborhood/community planning
o   $300,000 state grant received last year for planning and getting the project off the ground.
o   Site would be excellent for an indoor urban farm
o   EPNI has been working and studying the project and is planning to implement both low tech and high tech systems in the site.
o   Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural collaboration of local organizations.
·       Funding use issues - we are working out the spending process… it's pretty involved and we are trying to avoid needing an advance.


Discussion about number of jobs, whether they will be local, whether there are opportunities for additional partners, can vendors buy “shares”, and other ideas. Right now, EPNI is in a process of trying to get the city to give us sufficient space for the project. The project is in a process of being “defined”. Nothing is finalized, and while we could get the space anytime, we expect about a 2-year process.

Met with the city yesterday. The city is still trying to figure out what space it really needs. The city wants to knock down the building, and we have asked them to save the part of the building we want.

8:07     Request for East Phillips Youth Program Funding Summer 2018; Jeanne Whitehill, Park Director
(See handout.) Programs include Field Fun (ages 6-14), #FridaysEP (all ages), and Skills & Drills on the Blacktop (ages 11-16). Goals including providing additional programs for neighborhood youth and families, increase participation of girls ages 12-16, increase staff visibility and site safety, learning opportunities for health, fitness, self-esteem, and build community.

MOTION: EPIC applauds and thanks Jeanne Whitehill for this fabulous summer program. LL, MG, Approved.

8:24     Swimming Lesson Plans for East Phillips Kids-Linda Leonard
LL followed up on a board discussion on the fact that most of the resources for the new pool seemed to be reserved already, and some of the sessions are already full. This is not necessarily how signups for sessions will happen in the future. LL spent time listing the barriers to EPIC youth to access these resources. Park staff is now aware that EPIC has provided financial support. They are looking for lifeguards and aquatics instructors. There is also a current schedule on the website. You must create a username and password to sign up for classes.

Barriers: Transportation, money, swimsuits, language, access to electronics, and more.

Options for overcoming some of these barriers:
  • If EPIC has money available, please donate to PB scholarship fund, earmarked for East Phillips only.
  • A series of lessons is typically anticipated to be evenings, after dinner, twice a week for four weeks; at a cost of $55. The family would pay $5 if they qualify (free or reduced lunch) and EPIC paying the balance.
  • EPIC may prioritize criteria for funding by other factors such as attendance, age groups, etc.
  • Adults must accompany youth ages 8 and under (1 adult to 4 youth).

8:35     EPIC ANNUAL MEETING, April 28, 2018, East Phillips Park, 9:30 – 11:30
Are you considering running for the Board? Find out what’s involved. What does the board do? Think about what the board has done.…Comes up with Visionary Plans and turns them into Realities. Volunteers are NEEDED to help set up and serve. Friday evening 7 pm (clean kitchen, set up tables, etc. get everything ready.) Saturday morning 8 am (cooking, final set up tables, coffee, paper goods, sound system.) CLEANUP 11:30 am until done.

  • Check out the three pages for applications, which also can be found on the EPIC Website at Click on ‘about EPIC’, then go to Board Nomination 3 pages.
  • The Election, Ballots, nominations from the floor; eligibility requirements.
    • Age 18, and live or work in East Phillips
    • Have attended a board meeting in the past year, and elected to be a member
    • Complete the application forms and attend the Annual Meeting
  • Four (4) seats will be on the ballot, including incumbents:
    • Rosie Cruz
    • Laura Dale
    • Carol Pass
  • Board Directors must attend both board meetings and general membership meetings. Occasional additional meeting attendance may also be required.
    • Board meeting 1st Saturday of each month (10 am – Noon)
    • General membership meeting 2nd Thursday of each month (6:30 -8:45 pm)
    • Annual meeting (TBD annually in March or April)
    • Summer Fest (TBD annually in June)

8:55     Adjourn