May 9, 2019

EPIC Community Meeting Minutes 5-9

 EPIC Community Meeting Minutes
May 9th, 2019, 6:30 – 8:50
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) -280-8418

Board Roster: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Cassandra Holmes, Shontal Lajeunesse, Abah Mohamed, Carol Pass, Steve Sandberg, Sarah Santiago.  
Board Members Present: Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Cassandra Holmes, Shontal Lajeunesse, Steve Sandberg, Sarah Santiago, Rosie Cruz, Abah Mohamed
Board Members Not Present: Carol Pass (E),
Members: Brad Pass, Devika Ghai
Guests: Shirley Heyer

6:30     Social Time

6:45     Greetings and Introductions
6:50     Agenda: Approve the agenda: MG, SL, Approved
Minutes: Approve the minutes from April 11, 2019: MG, BP, Approved


  • EPIC Community Garden Meeting – May 11th, 9:00 this Saturday morning, EPPark,
    • Plots available! The garden serves people who live, work or own property in East Phillips.
    • Clean dirt! The soil was remediated back in 2005.
    • Contact Brad Pass or attend the garden meeting on Saturday.
      • Question as to whether there is a mentor to teach those who don’t know how to garden
        • No, because volunteer based – but looking for people for steering committee


o   THE NEXT PLANNING MEETING IS Thursday, May 16th  at 1:30 at East Phillips Park

o   Talent Show, Music, Food, etc.
o   Bring your ideas and any musicians’ names you know.
o   Does your company or organization want to host a table at SummerFest?

7:06     Reflections on the Annual Meeting, Election results, Board Officers
    • Carol Pass is likely to step down as president – wants to make sure it won’t affect the DEED Grant
      • The board needs a written resignation to step down as president
      • DEED Grant needs to be spent by June 2020
        • tabled for board meeting
    • Lower attendance than past years – why?
      • Flyered twice this year (2019)
    • Not much participation from other organizations i.e. officials from city, local businesses
    • Create new/update e-mail list so all members are getting emails
      • Update Facebook page more frequently
    • Steve Sandburg, Shontal Lajeunesse and Sarah Santiago elected
    • Mary Gonsior and Cassandra Holmes re-elected

7:25     HAC MEETING REPORT (Steve Sandburg/Cassie Holmes)
o   2nd HAC meeting
§  First meeting – introductions, a lot of talent
§  Second meeting – a lot of “subs”
o   Only first point on staff direction is being addressed in HAC
o   25 people on advisory committee; four neighborhood residents on the HAC committee; remainder are city workers, union representatives, other neighborhoods and organizations
o   Alondra attended the first meeting and basically told residents that we can talk about the training center or go home.
§  SS asked her if she would be directing staff to comply with item #8 (not tear down the building) until HAC has made a recommendation; she evaded the question.
o   Alondra has dropped the ball on supporting the Urban Farm project, and in fact, doesn’t seem to support it anymore.
o   EPNI members tried to add items to agenda - We have to insist at the next HAC meeting that EPIC/EPNI has an opportunity to give a presentation of the Urban Farm Project.
o   HAC members have not been told what EPNI plan, however Pillsbury United Communities was invited to present at the HAC meeting
§  EPIC should connect with Pillsbury United Communities and “nip in the bud” any conflict between neighborhood organizations that has been created by the city
o   Tour of Roof Depot site might be added to agenda
o   Next HAC meeting is May 20th at Public Works building
o   City now wants to create ‘sandbox’ to train on equipment like bulldozers – more diesel pollution
o   EPNI is looking into environmental factors that impact current plans for using diesel, fueling stations, etc. 
o   EPNI meeting tomorrow, Friday May 9th

7:45     Summer Issues and Activities…you are invited to help!

·      Plan and carry out events through the summer.
o   Mother’s Day Pow Wow at Cedar Field Park – Saturday May 11th at 1pm
o   SummerFest (June 23, 2019)
o   Community Garden all summer
o   National Night Out – Tuesday, August 6th
o   Phillips Community Clean Sweep – October 12th
o   Garden Fall Harvest Party Saturday, October 19th
o   Ideas?
·      Plan out events for fall.
o   Expand our October Harvest party (block off the street)
o   Clean Sweep
o   Ideas?

8:15     Crime and Safety issues: Bring your questions.
o   Bloomington and 29th – lots of problems
§  24/7 people walking up and down block
·      Foot traffic
·      Sex workers – very young women
o   Suggestion to call PRIDE – will give them food and materials for programs to get involved in 24-Hour Crisis Line at 612.728.2062 (Collect calls accepted) or call us toll-free at 888.774.3399
§  Bus stop for kids – between 6:30-9am and there are drug dealers all around this area during these times – it’s even worse after school
§  50-75 people
§  Police put camera – but the view doesn’t cover Bloomington Avenue
o   May 15th – 3rd Precinct Open House
o   Violence Protection – provide funding to get input through applying
§  Must apply by next week – midnight on Thursday, May 16th
MOTION: EPIC will seek funding from the City of Minneapolis Office of Violence Prevention for the purpose of conducting a survey of East Phillips residents – MG, SL, Approved
o   Check into temporary roundabout on 27th Ave and 25th street – should this be permanent?
o   How to fund?
o   Are there safety issues?
o   how to address safety issues
o   17th and Lake Street building
o   Can the city figure out a plan for parking around the building?
o   Can EPIC learn how to have a say in the process of issues of affordable housing with this building
o   Is the developer targeting particular commercial tenants? Who?
o   What kind of commercial tenants is he looking for?
o   What business hours will be allowed?
o   June 17th – going in front of the planning commission
o   Alondra’s office has said the developer is seeking public funding – Devika will forward her correspondence from Alondra’s office to EPIC Board for further action
·      Since it is publicly funded, it must have 3-4 affordable units

8:25     Adjourn