June 5, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes 06 - 05

June 5th, 2010  10:00 am -11:45 am
Welna Hardware

Attendance: Tim, Hannah, Mary, Mahammed, Linda, Carol, Earl
Absent: Rosie and Jennie
10:00             Introduction:
·         Approval of Agenda
·      Minutes from EPIC Board Meeting 5/7/2010

10:10    Announcements
·      East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center is being built, much is still precarious.
      Mary is going to help with oversight. Brad and Carol have been taking pictures.
·      Phillips Community Center Walk-Through, June 7th, Monday, 5:00-7:00 pm
·      EPIC General Membership Meeting, June 14th
·      NCEC meetings.......in place of NRP @ powderhorn, wed. June 9, 6 pm; We received one million dollars  for Phase One NRP and $490,000 for Phase 2 NRP. The new plan is only $40,000 per neighborhood.  Brad has argued for need-based allocations instead of housing units where there are few children. Family size, percent of children, etc. is a better set of criteria
·      Stewart Park Soccer Field......6 pm Thursday,    june 10

10:15   EPIC rep on the Garden Board: Appoint Tim Chancy, Carol Pass (alternate)

10:15   East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center Situation: Brad
·      Pollution Issue – What happened??  We have a county grant and a state grant. There is a debate about whether or not the state will let us have the money. The problem is that we have to build right now.  Judd on park board staff gave info to the commissioners that they voted to continue the project. Judd is backpeddling but asking us for NRP money. Karen Clark and Peter McLaughlin might be able to resolve the grant problems within two weeks......the debate is about when the contract was signed and the project. We might have to fund the commercial kitchen and space.
·      NRP Dollars – Toward the building?? We have $490,000 but 70% must go for housing. We only have $150,000 for youth, employment, crime, etc.    and we don't have the Phase II money available yet. We might have  to fund this.

10:30   Phillips Community Center:  A way forward with Bob Albee
·      What is Phillips Community Parks Initiative?
·      The 4-Phillips Neighborhood's (plus Waite House) Proposal for Retention and Use: MOTION
         Public Walk-Through
         It is very elusive what programs 'for the neighborhood' might mean.
Funding involves Freeport West.and clinics using insurance money.....Allina, Childrens, etc; are part of the Wellness Group with diabetic associations; Pillsbury United is strong and firm; The Public Community Section is undefined for leadership. Some space would be free and some rented. Lisa is going to put together detailed budget proposals. She is a consultant hired by Pillsbury.

MOTION : The EPIC Board endorses the Phillips Community Center Proposal in principle subject to review of the final proposal and details. [LL and MC]

10:45   2600 17th Ave Proposed Apartment Building, Other Developments
            We would have to mount concerted objection to 20 units for singles. We need to collect information and data about impact; variances; information about Alliance Housing

­We need to know the zoning; we need to find out the plans and variances needed; we need to know the city contact and why wasn't the community notified about 4 properties.........there is no review process.......We must door knock......
·      What do we think? Action?? .
·      --- Can Currie Building; Wakiagan; other Tramp Camp settings........for police records
·      --Carol can get zoning together about variances
·      Apartment at 2908 16th, Phoenix Development--could get gov't money and fix it. Loren Bruggeman would       try to control the building for the benefit of the neighborhood. It was 7 units but is down to four units.
·      Greenway site--Dean Dovolis of DJR and Loren might be able to help. Dean will do some checking and have some conversations. He would need 48 units with family space.

11:00   Election of Officers   took place by agreement
Carol Pass as President
Mary Gonsior as VP
Hannah Lieder as Secretary
Mohammed Cali as Treasurer

11:20   Xcel Energy's High Voltage Transmission Line Routes & Substations:
·         Negotiated Settlement--lines will be buried and down E 28th St.  We are debating the exact location. It's going to cost households about $1 a month for some years........still being negotiated
·     100,000 for Solar on  EP Park Center roof. It would reduce the utility cost. Maybe they would help with the pool.
·     Tim Springer wants them to help get grants and Tim is writing something about "work with" under Carol's pressure.

11: 45   Adjournment