December 4, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes 12-04

December 4, 2010, 10:00 am
Welna Hardware

Board Members: Linda Leonard, Mohamed Cali, Chiffon Williams, Carol Pass, Tim Chancey,
Absent Board Members: Mary Gonsior , Rosie Cruz, Jennie Bjorgo, Earl Simms

10:00             Introduction:
·          Approval of Agenda, consensus
·      Minutes from EPIC Board Meeting Minutes 11/6/2010, consensus

10:10    Announcements
·      EPIC General Membership Meeting, December 13th,
·      Tentative Grand Opening of the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center - January 22nd
·      Free Tour of Swedish American Institute, December 16th, 4-6pm

10:15    East Phillips Park Center: Update on Progress. We all need to check for vandalism. Getttting ready for                    the Grand Opening. All board members  try to come and help greet. Park board will provide food.

10:30   Phillips Community Center: There is a new Floor Plan, Pool Progress is gaining Community Support. Discussion about  including pool in our NRP Phase II Action Plan. The people should have a chance to vote on this
            MOTION- Include Swimming Pool on the NRP Phase II Plan Survey.(CP,CW)           

10:45   2600-2606 17th Ave. PROPOSAL FOR APARTMENT of 20 UNITS of  HOMELESS HOUSING by Alliance of the Streets. Issues with Alliance Letters
            . We are having serious trouble with the current consultant. She tried to force us to give her our               membership list. We understand from people who have consulted a attorney that we would violate our             members privacy if we allow people access to our list. Also our policies forbid this.
            MOTION- To Alliance -Send a different consultant to deal with the 2600 17th property (LL, TC) passed)

11: 00    Land on the Greenway: Board wants to offer…invite Midtown Phillips to collaborate on the design of             ‘Greenway Height’ apartments. CP added the Midtown Greenway Coalition.
            MOTION Invite collaboration with Midtown and the MIdtown Greenway Coalition for a development design.             (TC, MC)  passed

11:15  NRP Review, Survey of the  Neighborhood and Businesses on Lake St. Add the pool to the survey.

11: 30    Adjournment