November 5, 2011

Board Meeting Minutes 11-05

November 5th,  2011, 10:00 am
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center 
2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present: Mary Gonsior, Carol Pass, Linda Leonard, Rosie Cruz, Earl Sims, Jenny Bjorgo, Steve S,
              Mahamed Cali (not a board member)

10:00    Introduction:
·         Approval of Agenda
·         Approval of Minutes from EPIC Board Meeting Minutes  10/3/2011

10:10    Announcements: 
  • EPIC Membership Meeting:  Thursday, November 10th, 6:30 at the East Phillips Park Community Center,
  • Rock Climbing Club started, big success
  • Next NRP Policy Board Meeting: November 21st
  • NRP Policy Board Election Nov. 17th: Elector must be chosen by November 14th
10:15    NRP Policy Board: A really nasty situation. What happened, What to do. Start to plan contracting. Long discussion, Waite house letter, and Bob Miller’s approval letter presented. Discussion of NRP Poicy Board Rep.”Job Description”. Board member as witnesses: Chiffon, Residents: Carlyle Bowker and Mahamed Cali, also Jana Metge, working as NRP Staff. Agreed to study the issue and support the diverse residents of Midtown.

11:00    The Remaining NRP Phase I dollars:  Phase one remainders: Motions and Plan Modification
              1) Motion: Request $7,657.22 in Admin. 1.1.1 to be moved to EPIC account with line item for Doug Wise contract. Carol authorized to do any necessary steps. Passed by consent.
              Carol noted the Doug Wise contract has had final approval about three times by the board & neighborhood.

              2)  Plan modification final vote at the November EPIC Membership meeting: Move Remaining Phase I NRP to Playgrounds: 5.7.1
Motion: EPIC membership moves to transfer $52,280.54 from the following listed categories, consolidating them in the goal named Environment/Transportation/Parks, strategy Playgrounds, to facilitate completion of the East Phillips Park soccer and baseball fields. The categories to be consolidated are:

1)         Housing Resource Center                                                            $35.09
2)         Housing, Home Ownership Assistance,  1.2.1                       $30,228.31
3)         Housing, Vacant Housing,  1.5.1                                                 $257.17
4)         Crime and Safety, Mobile Safety Center 1.1.1                           $474.25
5)         Lifespan, Early Learning Center 2.1.1                                      $7,078.30
6)         Lifespan, 24-Hour Youth Center 2.1.2                                     $1,000.00
7)         Environ/Transport/Parks,‘Green Economy’Demos  3.4.1              $92.30
8)         Environ/Transport/Parks, Transportation Management 4.1.1  $1,495.17
9)         Environ/Transport/Parks, Midtown Greenway 4.2.1              $10,017.61
10)       Environ/Transport/Parks, Bike Paths  4.2.4                                   $17.61
11)       Environ/Transport/Parks, Stewart Park, Safety 5.3.1               $1,495.17
12)       Environ/Transport/Parks, Forest Management 5.6.1                    $71.94
13)       Already included Environ/Transport/Parks, Playgrounds 5.7.1     $17.61
            Total                                                                                       $52,280.54
30- day Neighborhood notification by flyer and EPIC E-News
Board re-approves motion configuration from October Meeting by unanimous consent.

11:15.   County Program: What to consider ,: Is there any more funding in the County contract??…may need a      contract extension. Motion for contract extension if needed. Passed by consent

11: 30    Adjournment –