October 6, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes 10-06

October 6, 2012, Saturday, 10:00 am
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center
2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address: http:// www.eastphillips-epic.com/index.html
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present (board): Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior, Earl Simms, Chiffon Williams, Linda Leonard, Rosie Cruz, Jennie Bjorgo
Absent Board Members: Steve Struthers, JoseLuis Villasenor,
Members: Brad Pass, Alphonso Cruz
Guests: Doug Wise

10:00             Introduction:
·       Approval of Agenda 10:30 (MG, ES) APPROVED           
·       Approval of Minutes from 9/1/12 EPIC Board Meeting (MG, ES) APPROVED.

10:10    Announcements: 
·       EPIC Membership Meeting:  Thursday, October 11, 6:30 PM, the East Phillips Park Center
·       Clean Sweep – October 13th, 9:00 am at Welna’s Parking Lot, 24th & Bloomington Ave. Help Clean Up the Whole Neighborhood…Free incredible T-Shirts!
·       A Cultural Evening with Lila Downs, internationally known singer, October 16th, 6:30 the East Phillips
       Park Center, Free Event, Traditional treats and glorious music, Don’t miss this incredible event.
·         Lila Downs Concert at the Ordway, Downtown,  October 17th, 7:30, $26.00
·       EPIC Community Garden Harvest Party, October 20th, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

10:15  Foreclosure Program Contract with PRG - Doug Wise will explain the Program w/ PRG.
MOTION: EPIC accepts the contract with PRG for the Foreclosure Program, as amended. (RC, ES) APPROVED.
This concludes all the work on organizing the program. We can begin work on a marketing plan next week.

We will create a Brochure listing the programs and start disseminating them. Doug Wise will meet with us in the form of a task force in the next weeks to work on a marketing plan.

10:25            Update on the Pool – the Park Board approved $350,000 contingent on a business plan. Mpls. Swims got a commitment from Duane Proell, U of M Aquatic Center Facilities Director for 23 yrs. currently an Aquatic Consultant with Isaac Sports Group, which provides business plans for facilities like this. Total budget is $3,500 (Ventura Village paying $2,500). Cut half price for project
             MOTION: EPIC to put up $1,000 for the Pool business plan to be created by Duane Proell. (RC, ES) Approved

10:30      MOTION: EPIC will help defray cost of Lila Downs event by sponsorship of $500.00. MG, ES, Approved.

10:33         Clean Sweep –
              MOTION: $750 yearly contribution to pay for garbage trucks & T-Shirts. (CP, ES) Approved

10:35         Garden Bike racks – EPIC will share 50% of the cost for Bike Racks with the City.
              MOTION: EPIC commits up to $200 for Garden Bike Racks to be delivered in spring. (MG, CW) Approved.

10:40         A-POD – A Partnership of Diabetics – Collaborative funding to bring this program to the Latino residents of East Phillips. This will be a major effort responding to EPIC’s commitment to Latino outreach. EPIC will recruit people with a focus on Latinos and the organization provides the program. We will be providing matching money to Allina’s $2,500. There is already a translated Somali group. This fund will help with Spanish translation of materials and a Latino specific health group. EPIC may share costs and ownership of interpreting machines with head sets. The Board needs to work on aspects of the fund to be sure it is fully collaborational to fit our requirements for 501©(3) status.
            MOTION: EPIC will provide a match of $2,500 to partner with Allina in support of this special collaborative project. EPIC will ask to be listed as a co-sponsor on APOD brochures and documentation. (RC, LL) Approved.

11:40     Adjournment