December 1, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes 12-01

December 1st, 2012, Saturday, 10:00 am
East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present (board): Carol Pass, Linda Leonard, Mary Gonsior, Steve Struthers, Chiffon Williams
Not Present (board): Earl Simms, Rosie Cruz, Jennie Bjorgo, JoseLuis Villasenor
Members: Brad Pass, Cynthia Aguirre, Jessie Leader

10:00         Introduction:
·     Approval of Agenda – approved.
·     Approval of Minutes from 11/3/12 EPIC Board Meeting – approved. (LL, CW)

Motion: Meeting as a committee of the whole (LL, CP) passed.

10:10         Announcements: 
·      EPIC Membership Meeting:  Thursday, Nov. 8th, 6:30 PM, the East Phillips Park Center,
·      Alley Annual Meeting was Amazing

10:30         Escalation of Crime: Town Home concerns, cameras? Patrols? Ideas? At the Townhomes:
A resident was confronted by a burglar carrying a machete; two recent break ins, both front and back; police arrived quickly to see suspect escaping from 3rd floor window; did not catch the suspect. Thanksgiving morning, 5:30 am, a car alarm in the neighborhood went off; 6:30 and 6:45 gunshots went off.

Residents have reached out to CLC Land Trust who is working on their behalf; working with Don Greeley to get no trespassing signs, and he indicated that there is no funding for cameras, and he said they are not a good deterrent. Some residents plan to meet with Don to look at town home lighting. Some residents want to partner with EPIC to make a difference in the neighborhood, and find solutions to these problems.

EPIC has invited Don Greeley to attend this Thursday’s meeting.

Suggest: Community wide “focused solutions to crime” meeting and everyone attend. Invite people who are using cameras to make representations. Police to explain what kind of evidence is needed from cameras. Phone trees with neighbors, how that can help. How to report descriptions of suspects. How to report crimes to 9-1-1. Security company presentation on role of security protection/patrols. Handouts with instructions and emergency instructions. How to avoid being a victim of crime. What does a camera system cost? How can neighbors get together to create a plan for monitoring crime around their homes?

Town homes association: Have motions ready to go so that the group can make some decisions; raise funds for purchasing and installing cameras. Will take a team of residents to put together a plan.

11:55      Greenway Heights Apartments: Design issues.
Contact developer and ask to participate in design discussions.
11:15          Housing Rehab Program: Marketing ideas? Brochure ideas? Meeting next week?
We need to prepare these materials so that all the notifications can be completed by the time of EPICs annual meeting. Target January launch, draft brochure for Dec. 13, advertising to the Alley, StarTribune, flyer distribution, and press releases.

11:20          Moving ahead with A-POD:
CP distributed Criteria for EPIC’s Collaborative Funding Agreements. A number of agreements have been turned back because criteria for RFPs have not been meeting the necessary criteria.

Added #8: Collaborative Funding Agreements should reflect the ethnic diversity that is represented by EPIC constituents.

Clarify #4:  what is meant by “need”?

11:45            Issues with GMM Oct.18th of EPIC:
Board agreements, duties and responsibilities were distributed.

12:00            Interpreting Equipment:
LL obtained pricing on simultaneous translation equipment to facilitate translation/interpretation at annual meetings and events. We will assess purchasing this equipment for interpretation during meetings.

12:15            Truck Traffic, 28th & Cedar, 2830 Cedar concerns, plans to go ahead with EPIC’s commitment to Remove polluting industries from East Phillips: Plans?

We are trying to initiate a process to get the polluting businesses out of the neighborhood. Cedar Avenue and Hiawatha Avenue are both a county road and doesn’t belong to the city, therefore, there is not much the city can do to calm traffic. We will have to work with the County.

12:25            Waite House Disposition Update:
The Midtown process has shown no greater diversity than reported in November. Midtown has recommended that the Banyan proposal be accepted. The final decision will be voted on at their Dec. 11 meeting. 

12:40            Future of EPIC:
The need for an office for EPIC (tabled.)

EPIC will purchase a beautiful binder to hold our Bylaws and other corporate documents, and this binder will be available at GMM meetings so that constituents can become familiar with EPIC’s operational policies and requirements.

12:45            Adjournment