January 5, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes 01-05

January 4th, 2013, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Center
EPIC web address: http://www.eastphillips-epic.com/index.html
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present (board): Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior, Chiffon Williams, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms
Not Present (board): Rosie Cruz, JoseLuis Villasenor, Jenny Bjorgo
Members: Brad Pass,

10:15             Introduction:
·     Meet as a committee of the whole.
·     Approval of Agenda – with addition of “Selecting Projects for Collaboration” – Passed.
·     Approval of minutes from 12/1/12 board meeting - Passed
10:25    Announcements: 
·      EPIC Membership Meeting:  Thursday, January 10th, 6:30 PM, the East Phillips Park Center,
·      Park Board Public Hearing on the disposition of the former Waite House Property will be held on Jan. 16, 6:30 pm at MPRB HQ, 2117 W. River Rd. Minneapolis.
·      Public hearing for 24-hour operation of Ultra Wash Laundry, Monday, Jan. 28, 1:30 pm City Hall Rm 317.

10:35            Selecting Projects for Collaboration
Last month the board discussed EPIC’s Collaborative Funding Agreements. We still need to clarify what “need” means in Article #4. Suggestions:

·      The organization provides the types of services that meet the needs of East Phillips residents, and
·      The organization lacks the current capacity to expand their services and programming to include residents in East Phillips.
·      The board and the organization is committed to a balanced approach to providing resources to the diverse residents of East Phillips.

10:40            Motion: Quorum achieved: Ratify the actions of the committee of the whole. (LL, ES) Passed.
10:45            Steve Struthers resignation

Motion: Accept Steve Struthers resignation. (MG, LL) Passed.

10:57            Swimming Pool Update and response to questions.
Brad and Carol spent two days at meetings working on the pool issues, and attended a Park meeting two weeks ago. By the end of December there was capital funding for the Base Option (page 2, Phillips Aquatics Center Pool Expansion; paid in large part by EPIC.)

This plan is a “business plan” which shows that this plan is sustainable over time. The document was just published, in large part through funding via EPIC. Brad gave an overview of the publication, page by page.

BASE OPTION: We currently have funds to do this option.$2.25M; Anticipated Net Income would be $41,266
OPTION 1: Knock out the wall and add 2 lanes to the main pool, expand the teaching pool, and more.Cost: $5.1M; Anticipated Net Income would be $92,200
OPTION 2: Knock out the wall and add 2 lanes to the main pool, add a deep water pool, expand the teaching pool and more. $7.5M; Anticipated Net Income would be $108,200

The anticipated net income is based on operating the pools as a business, and is a conservative estimate.

MOTION: Add EPIC’s logo to the publication. (MG, LL) Passed.
MOTION: The EPIC board supports the pool concept plans and would highly recommend raising adequate money to go all the way to Option 2. EPIC requests that the Park Board extend the deadline for fundraising to facilitate raising funds to achieve Option 2. (LL, MG) Passed.

11:15            Ultra Wash Laundry Hours
CP would like to connect with residents at Corridor Flats to find out if they object.

11:20            Housing Brochure and plans to spread the word.
Brochure is not done – still waiting for contact information from Doug Wise. The layout has been approved.

First Come – First Served
How to make the process fair? Carol will obtain the application so it can be distributed when flyering. EPIC will schedule Q&A sessions in various languages. Carol will contact CEE and ask if they want to do the Q&A, or if they can equip us to do it ourselves. Develop a list of steps to ensure successful application.

1. Is there a processing fee for applicants that don’t actually qualify?
2. How do you “get in line”.

11:30            Greenway Heights Apartments – What do you want us to change?
Carol invited Dean Dovolis to provide some photos to give to the developer to inspire a more beautiful exterior to the building design.

11:40            Crime (Public Safety) Concerns: Impact Statements and Warrant Sheets, Do we want to invest in             cameras?

The “warrant list” comes out monthly now, and the people on the list are “fleeing arrest.” If you see any of these people, you are to call 911, tell police that you saw them and ask them to come pick them up.

Police are seeking community impact statements for Terrence Charles Brown, going to court on 1/14/13.Charge is aggravated robbery first degree, felony. Anyone can write these.

We need to find out if Ventura Village is going to invest in a crime camera for the Phillips neighborhood. They have tentatively set aside $15,000 for a camera. Hope Academy has put up $5,000. Should EPIC put up $15,000?

11:45            City Grievance Policy Issues and ADA compliance:

The city developed proposed changes to the CPP grievance policy that only addresses instances of grievance against neighbohoods, and says nothing about grievances against NCR, or downtown.

MOTION: EPIC insists that NCR and NCEC add to the proposed changes to the CPP grievance policy, wording that addresses grievances by contracted neighborhood organizations against NCR, NCR staff, and the NCEC Commission. (LL, CW) Passed.

EPIC has no problems with building/meeting accessibility; however, we do have problems with language barriers, which is why Linda has been researching simultaneous translation equipment.

11:55            Waite House Property Sale

The Park Board will make the final decision as to who will be chosen to purchase the building. Midtown recommended selling the building to Banyon. Proposals under consideration:

·      Banyon presented a plan to purchase the building, and they have money set aside to demolish and rebuild, resulting in a $7M building.
·      Heart of the Beast presented a plan to use the building “as is”. They want to rent with the option to buy (with a large deposit) for 2 years while they raise funds to renovate the building.

12:05            Basketball funding request
A request has come to fund rental of the EPPCCC gym for a neighborhood outreach basketball session today, from 2 – 6 pm. This was organized over the weekend.

MOTION: EPIC will provide $85 to cover the cost of EPIC Outreach Basketball in January, 2013. (ES, CW) Passed.

12:10            Adjournment