November 2, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes 11-02

November 2nd, 2013, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers,
but most of all the world needs dreamers who do.”

Present board members: Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior, Aisha Gomez, Jenny Bjorgo, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms,
Absent board members: Rosie Cruz, Sherdl Kordian, Ali Micalin
Members: Brad Pass,

10:10             Introduction:
·      Approval of Agenda – approved.
·      Approval of August 3rd Board Meeting Minutes
·      Approval of GMM Motions:
o   “pollution” passed
o   “walking groups” passed
o   “translation stipend” passed
§  Edit formatting of the minutes so that there are two paragraphs (one for each motion).

10:20    Announcements: 
·      ELECTION, VOTE on November 5th, next Tuesday
·      EPIC Membership Meeting, Thursday, November 14th
·      American Swedish Institute The “Jul Shop” is Now Open!
TUE. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.
WED. 10 A.M.-8 P.M.
THU. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.
FRI. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.
SAT. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.
Closed Mondays.
·      Alley Newspaper Annual Gathering, Friday, Nov. 15th, 6:00-8:30, St. Paul’s Assembly Hall ,2742 15th Ave.
·      Clean Sweep Report, Jana Metge
o   6 trucks
o   24,340 pounds of trash
o   300 pounds of recycling
o   Almost 700 volunteers this year
o   Next year
§  we will try to have a recycling truck
§  Set some reach out goals for next year
§  Look for zero waste of food
§  Radio PSA’s
·      Community Garden Harvest Party Report from Saturday, October 19th
·      Basketball sign-up at the Park

10:25   Requirements for Additional Spending -

The Chair discussed the future: Creation of Priority Plan – we are supposed to create a plan every year from now on. A community engagement process to determine the needs and desires of the neighborhood people. We are currently working off our Phase II plan and were told by NCR staff, Robert Thompson and Jack Whitehurst…our neighborhood specialist that this was appropriate.  We need to have some parties, or focus groups to find out what people’s priorities are.
Reason: This huge community engagement process was just finished right before 2012. But now, at this point, we need to re-engage the community again to determine what has changed and what has not. We need to have some parties, or focus groups to find out what people’s priorities are. We also need some leadership from various constituent groups to accomplish this. We have both 2012 and 2013 CPP grants and can accomplish lot with this. A critical piece while we have this funding is to find an office for EPIC.

Community Engagement Process – Suggestions? Parties?

·      Branding
o   Make sure residents of EPIC recognize the name.
§  Street banners/signs
o   Some kind of paper: bi-fold, postcard, other?
§  Translations
§  Marketing consultant (pro bono)
·      Reaching community to determine priorities
o   Hold several events annually with the focus of finding out neighborhood priorities.
§  Annual meeting
§  National Night out
o   Surveys for new people at monthly meetings
o   Focus groups: sometimes  the only way to reach these residents
§  Ethnic communities
§  Elders
§  Families
§  Single adults
§  Businesses

10:55            Report from Aisha on Air Quality Study-

City of Minneapolis Air Quality Study. This is an expansion of past study of existing data to map air quality in Minneapolis. Now they are doing actual testing. We are looking for folks to participate in the study by hosting a collection canister.

11:10             Phillips Community Center. Loss of Running Wolf Fitness Center and help for Pool Fundraising.
·      Collaboration of the Neighborhoods Plan
·      Creation of independent 501©(3) with Board Chair
·      Fund the first year rent – Amount?

MOTION: EPIC supports creating a multi-neighborhood collaborative to create a 501(c)(3) Organization with a multi-neighborhood board, to own and operate a new Fitness Center in PCC. JB, AG passed.

11:45            Homeownership in Phillips:  Foreclosures and Vacant Lots, New Construction: Prepare for a plan. Block Clubs and/or individuals locate vacant lots. (Henn. Cty. Prop. Info.)           

Discussion: Possible partnership with PRG to fill vacant lots with new construction homes and/or to rehab. It seems that for an EPIC investment of $15,000, we may be able to leverage a new, infill house. CP suggested that we all look at possible empty lots for infill house sites. Consult Greater Metro Housing Corp, Hennepin County, PRG, TC Community Land Bank, Inventorying Properties, Seeking new HomeOwners.
·      Issues with rehab loans: We need to be more aggressive in marketing EPIC’s home loans to our neighbors . Problems for people filling them out. CEE lost some staff and replacements are ….EPIC moved the income cap from 80% to 100% of HUD medial income guidelines. This should help move these loans. Maybe we need a party for this?
·      2931 Bloomington Ave. issue. See plan. Ideas?
·      Need for another $200,000 for Greenway Heights.

11:55  Coordinated outreach to ethnic groups w/ Ventura Village: Share translation equipment for Latino and Somalis for streaming interpreting. We have previous motions for this…Reach out to Somali elders & handicapped in apartments north of the park for park uses. 2909 Bloomington multiple needs. Outreach more specific to Spanish speakers. EPIC buy a van??

12:00            Crime Issues on Lake: Powderhorn’s limited involvement. Businesses without their own meeting and coordination. Suggestions? We need to pull in Powderhorn, Central, Corcoran to work together to solve these problems.

12:05             Adjourn