January 4, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes 01-04

January 4th 2014, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center
EPIC web address: http://www.eastphillips-epic.com/index.html
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers,
but most of all the world needs dreamers who do.”

Present board members: Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms, Sherdl Kordian, Rosie Cruz
Absent board members: Aisha Gomez, Ali Macalin, Jenny Bjorgo
Members: Brad Pass
Guests: Jana Metge

MOTION: Meet as a committee of the whole.

10:00             Introduction:
·      Approval of Agenda –
·      There was no December Board Meeting 
·      Approved minutes from November Board Meeting.

10:10    Announcements: 
·      None

Discussion re: Board Members

Aisha Gomez has accepted a position with Alondra Cano and is considering resigning from the board.
We need to replace Aisha. A discussion proceeded concerning emails and threats of grievances coming from outside the neighborhood.

Motion: Approve previous motions.

EPIC’s response to threats of Grievance filings and negative emails

Before any board members arrived, Kevin and Hannah Lieder presented five grievances to Brad Pass who was setting up refreshments in the meeting room. The time was 9:55 am. They left before the meeting started and  did not submit them to the Board or 4Board Chair.
Approximately 10:20 pm, James Cook and Peggy Clark entered boisterously into the board meeting, and without waiting to be recognized, began distributing papers. Without introducing themselves, James began speaking, asking if Peggy Clark was here. Peggy Clark turned to James and said, “I am Peggy Clark.” Then James asked for Carol Pass. Before coming in, James handed his personal recording device to an underage park board employee and instructed him to record what was about to happen. James went on to speak loudly at the board and members present. Earl Simms intervened and James responded, “Hey Brother, I have nothing against you, this is against Carol Pass and Bob Albee.”

5 grievance forms from Hannah and Kevin Lieder handed to Brad Pass before the meeting
4 grievance forms from Peggy Clark (non-member)
1 grievance form from James Cook (non-member)

The young man holding James Cook’s cell phone camera was very upset by what he had been compelled to participate in. He had not been informed about what he was told to do and had friends among the group.

James Cook and Peggy Clark continued to disrupt the meeting. The Vice Chair who was chairing the meeting ordered the meeting closed and told all non-members to leave. Brad Pass, Jana Metge, James Cook and Peggy Clark abruptly left and the board had a discussion about what had happened as well as previously a received demand for information regarding EPIC’s association with Bob Albee.

The rest of the meeting’s discussion and motions has been removed from the copy and is considered non-public confidential information.

12:10 PM             Adjourn