February 1, 2014

Board Meeting Public Minutes 02-01

February 1st 2014, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center
EPIC web address:  www.eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers,
but most of all the world needs dreamers who do.”

Present board members: Mary Gonsior, Carol Pass, Rosie Cruz, Linda Leonard, Earl Simms
Absent board members:, Sherdl Kordian, Aisha Gomez, Ali Macalin, Jenny Bjorgo
Members: Brad Pass

10:00             Introduction:
·      Motion to meet as a Committee of the Whole (LL, CO, Passed.)
·      Approval of Agenda , as Amended (CP, RC, Passed.)
·      Approval of the January 4th Board Minutes with the following addition: “The meeting was closed to address personnel issues. (CP, RC, Passed.)

10:10    Announcements: 

·       Precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 4th.
·       Other?

10:15            Crime situation:

Lake Street, Bloomington Avenue, 16th and 17th Avenue – the situation in the mornings is just horrible. We really want to see police officers in the morning when children are catching buses, starting around 6 am, and through 7:30 or 8 am. There is nonstop solicitation for prostitution and Johns trolling. The majority of the prostitutes are minors. There is plenty of trafficking occurring at night also.

Rosie’s nephew was assaulted on 15th Avenue and his car was also damaged. It was really scary, and the police did apprehend the three who attacked him.

We need more lighting in this area, and we have already requested assistance from Rep. Karen Clark and we should contact CM Alondra Cano. CP noted that last month the police reported to EPIC that there were no homicides in the neighborhood last year, yet we know there were two that occurred near Chiffon’s home. We are going to request an accurate report from police about crime, in particular, homicides.

10:25    Priority Plans:

CP distributed a copy of the Draft Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program “Preparation and Processing of Neighborhood Priority Plans Policy.”

On page 4, the document clearly explains that neighborhood priorities may either be “new priorities identified as part of a CPP based planning process, or strategies previously identified ina neighborhood’s NRP Phase II Action Plan.” EPIC completed our NRP Phase II plan in late 201, and in 2012 we elected to continue using our Phase II action plan for setting our priorities. This was endorsed by the neighborhood.
We do need to carry out a community planning process every three years, with the next cycle being 2014-2016. While the CPP previously had an expectation that neighborhoods would carry out a similar planning process annually, feedback from many neighborhoods lead to a change to a three year process. It is not really necessary to carry out this process annually.

CP reported that there are five nearby neighborhoods that made a plan together to do three things. They are not building anything, creating programs, providing services. Their goals:

·      Improve the equity in use of the parks; get more hours open.
·      Safer streets
·      Coordinating public services

While these are worthy goals, they don’t meet all the needs of residents and businesses in EPIC. We need housing, and we need more home ownership. People ant more public safety, and more programs for kids. Neighborhoods with a lot of staff can’t do these things because all their funds are going to staffing and operations. Chair is convinced that neighborhoods must choose between serious rebuilding of infrastructure, kids programs or staff. There is not enough funding for both.

10:36    Finance Report:

CP distributed a copy of our last Community Organization Report Form to CPP. The reporting period covers 2011 – 2013. EPIC has $17,884 CPP funds remaining to be carried forward to 2014.

In addition, EPIC has $123,934 CPP funds available from 2012-2013, and $194,881 for 2014-2016. Total is $318,815 for the next three years. By being frugal, we have reserved a lot of funds that can be used for housing, other infrastructure and programs. If EPIC chooses to hire staff, it will eat up at least 75% of these funds on staff. 
Board needs to create a more standard financial system. CP contacted several companies. Most are currently too busy. Romer & Company was available and familiar with nonprofit financial issues.

Motion: Accept all motions previously made in this meeting. (LL, RC, Passed.)

Motions: Payments
Motion: EPIC will hire Romer & Company (CPAs) to compile financial reports for EPIC as needed. (CP, LL, Passed.)

10:45    EPIC’s current position regarding Grievances : We need a motion to carry out our response to Hannah’s first request. Motion for Draft Grievance Procedure. We were advised to lengthen the time limit, but not to exceed 120 days. Clarify who can file. This cannot not affect the current grievance. We also need to limit the number of grievances. Any other changes? Interviews? General consensus is to not change other parts except clarify who can appeal. CP will clarify – appeal limited to the grievants for identifiable purpose.

Motion: EPIC will recommend adoption of the draft EPIC UNIFORM SUBMISSIONS POLICY coming from the City Attorney and the structure that follows from it for EPIC’s bylaws. Presentation to the GM. (LL, RC, Passed.)

Motion to close meeting: (LL, RC, Passed.)

11:21            the meeting will be closed at this point. Any visitors will be asked to leave.

12:08            Adjourn