November 7, 2015

Board Meetings Minutes 11 - 07

November 7th, 2015, 10 am

East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Board Roster: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Shawna Dillon, Mary Gonsior, Jean Howard, Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass
Board Members Present: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz (T), Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard (T), Carol Pass
Board Members Not Present: Shawna Dillon (E), Jean Howard (E), Margarita Ortega (E),
EPIC Members:

10:15   Introductions:

·       Meet as a committee of the whole, by consensus
·       Greetings and Introductions
·       Approval of Agenda: by consensus
·       Approval of Minutes: Approved by concensus, with clarification. (1) clarify who Ellen McVeigh is in the minutes.

10:20   Announcements:

  • EPIC Membership Meeting, Nov. 12th, Thursday 6:30 pm, East Phillips Park.
  • EPIC Board meeting, East Phillips Park, Saturday, 10:00 am, December 5th.
  • Meeting about  the Roof Depot site with Karen Clark, Nov. 17th, 4:00 – 6:00, at East Phillips Park
  • Opening of South East Homes on Bloomington; a live-in facility for recovering individuals in an East African context.

10:20   EPIC’S Contracts and financial processes    

Quorum was achieved at 10:30 am.

MG, CP and MO met with NPP liaison, to review format for contracts with the city for our NPP funds, and the financial process for receiving reimbursement.

EPIC will confirm in a written agreement with (LERA) exactly what documentation is required for each of the budget items on the reporting form. In addition, the agreement will outline that LERA is responsible for all payroll taxes and reporting requirements (W-2s and 1099s), and clarify that all spending will be in compliance with CPP funding requirements. 

MOTION: Meet as a quorum of the board and accept previously passed motions. (MG, JB) Approved.

CP distributed a template for reporting a monthly accounting for the CIF grant and a template for reporting on EPIC Contracts overall. These are in a draft format, and provide an alternative means to understanding EPIC’s financial situation apart from QuickBooks reports.

11:00    Consider Bylaw Changes especially Article VI, Section 10 – Consider Board Members’ obligations and responsibilities.

 MOTION: Approve change to Bylaws, Article VI, Section 10 [accept all of the text in red, except strike “usually” and change $1,000 to $5,000]. (LL, JB) Approved.

Note: Carry the change from $1,000 to $5,000 throughout the document as needed.

MOTION: The board accepts all the changes in the Bylaws per discussion today, and will further submit additional language for Article 9, regarding Grievances. (MG, RC)  Approved.

10:50   Consider Roof Depot Site Issue…Update

The city has decided to take the Roof Depot site by imminent domain. There is a vote on this on December 7th.

MOTION: EPIC objects to the condemnation the Roof Depot site by the City of Minneapolis and the taking of the property by imminent domain, on the basis that it violates the city’s core principals of community engagement [include document] passed  in 2007, wastes an opportunity for positive city amenities, fails to recognize the possibility of other potential sites, violates the south-side community vision for the future,  is a selective use of imminent domain against an individual business owner, breaches the public trust and is being used as a weapon of prejudice against a low income and indigenous community.  (LL, RC) Approved.

EPIC will ask the City to provide documentation of their site-search; there is plenty of other property that is already owned by the city, unused.

11:15   Housing NPP

CP wrote two letters asking the City to complete the contracts for each of two properties. The City is insisting that separate contracts be written. The City has been extremely slow in processing these contracts.

MOTION: EPIC will send a request to all neighborhoods to contribute funds to build in-fill housing in East Phillips. (LL, JB) Approved.

11:30   EPIC Office 

EPIC is seeking to find a way to improve the property we currently rent as storage  so that it can be leased as an office in compliance with City requirements.

MOTION: EPIC will present a proposal for an addition to the property at 2533 Bloomington Avenue (owned by Mark Welna) so that it may be used as an office for EPIC and will seek funding for this project. (LL, JB) Approved.

11:40    Crime and safety meeting       

Will EPIC form a crime and safety task force or committee?

12:15   Agenda for Community Meeting
  • Office
  • Roof Depot Site
  • Housing
  • Bylaws
  • Finance Report
  • May Day Parade
  • Crime & Safety
  • Lights

12:20   Next Month’s Board Agenda
  • Bylaws
  • Board Training
  • Crime and safety task force or committee?

12:20   Adjournment