June 4, 2016

EPIC Board Meeting Minutes 06 - 04

June 4th, 10:00 am -12:00
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address: eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612)  280-8418

Board Roster: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Shawna Dillon, Mary Gonsior, Kristin Hanks , Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass.
Board Members Present: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass.
Board Members Not Present: Shawna Dillon, Kristin Hanks, Margarita Ortega
EPIC Members: Brad Pass
Guests: Pastor Patrick Hansel, Shirley Heyer, Heidi Hafermann, Erdogan and Yildiz Akguc,

10:00   Introductions:

·       Greetings and Introductions.
·       Approval of Agenda: JB, MG, approved with correction to approval of minutes May 7thand SummerFest time (1-7 pm)
·       Approval of Minutes from May 7th, 2016, approved with correction of time for SummerFest (1-7 pm)

10:10   Announcements:
  • Next EPIC Membership Meeting, June 9th, East Phillips Park, Thursday 6:30 pm.
  • Next EPIC Board meeting, July 2nd, East Phillips Park, Saturday, 10:00 am.
  • EPIC SummerFest, June 12th, East Phillips Park, 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

10:15   Review of EPIC board meeting dates
Add to July agenda; review holidays and determine the dates of all monthly meetings through the next Annual meeting.
For this year, the board meeting will be on July 2nd, and if unable to attend due to the holiday, it will be an excused absence.

10:21   Update on the Speed Bumps: Carol and Rita
The individual who promised money for the 16th avenue speed bump hasn’t provided the funds, and this is holding up both speed bumps. RC and CP are working getting the promised funds.

10:15   Art on the Street- Patrick Hansel- Proposal to “muralize” our garbage can.
Pastor Patrick Cabello Hansel (St. Paul’s Lutheran) would like to work with youth and adults to create a East Phillips neighbors design for a mini-mural (mosaic) for the large garbage can at the community garden. The Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts proposes a cost of $400 and includes all materials, etc. A written proposal was presented.

MOTION: Support budget. JB, LL, approved.

10:30   Payment of Structural Engineer for 2433 Bloomington Ave Office site- Brad Pass has offered to make a restricted donation for the purpose of paying ALIGN Structural $770.00 for services.

MOTION: Accept donation to EPIC 501©(3) from Brad Pass for a restricted fund to pay for services from ALIGN Structural. LL, JB, Approved.

10:45   Proposal to build small commercial on 2701 Bloomington Ave. – Erdogan and Yildiz Akguc, Needs variances. Zoning and parking set back.

Planning a 3,000 sq. ft., one-story commercial unit. This pushes the building toward the sidewalks a little bit. Erdogan wants to create two small businesses next to each other. This will provide more safety for each business. Will eventually sell the building to the business. Updated drawings were distributed. There is a public hearing scheduled Monday, June 132, 2016 at 4:30 pm in Room 317 City Hall to review variances requested to reduce the minimum front yard setback on Bloomington, reduce the minimum off-street parking, and reduce the minimum drive aisle.

MOTION: EPIC board recommends support of the variances for this plan as they continue to work with the community and consider additional models and features. LL, JB, Approved. One abstain (RC).

11:20   Update on the Native Youth Arts Collective-Heidi Hafermann, Return on July 14th Community Meeting?

There are 2 Facebook pages. One is Little Earth Arts Collective, and the other is a private page for the group to communicate. 29 students are members of the group. There  is a core group of about 6, at least 10 at every meeting and usually more like 15. There will be an arts opening at MIA on Thursday, June 9, 2016 beginning at 6 pm (landscape art show.) The show will be up through July.

Since last October, there have been 3 major endeavors that students have worked on with outside agencies. 1. In connection with the Guerrilla Girls visit to Minneapolis. Fabulous video with Craig Rice. 2. With Courtney Cochran, collaborating on a piece about missing women – currently showing at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 3. Landscape show with MIA, working with Witt Seasoko.

Joe and Heidi went back to the Walker to discuss mentorships, and found that Walker was in the midst of overturning their program. Instead, the students volunteered to become volunteers at the Walker. Received an email from the current education directors at Walker offering to host teens for an intensive internship for the fall (Sept-Feb.) Walker will absorb cost of stipends, so that the CIF grant can be used to extend the program. Without the engagement that occurred so far, this opportunity would not have been possible. EPIC could invite the Walker staff to a meeting in September. 

Getting good feedback from youth – they are enjoying getting out around the city with these opportunities. Joe and Heidi have learned that the “big picture” has been hard to manage in this stage of the program; there is not enough time and resources to plug in to every opportunity. Unfortunately, students will not be participating in the SummerFest event in June 12. School and graduations, and the opening of the Landscape exhibit are all this week. Students could come to the July 14th membership meeting and present what they have been doing.

The CIF grant has enabled the program to provide modest stipends to collaborators and has allowed the program to provide more frequent programming. In fact, regular programming during the school year for 14-20 year olds is really new at Little Earth. The program is popular and has reached its maximum outreach.

Encouraging the youth to build their own relationships with the artists that they are collaborating with has helped them to build skills and confidence in developing communication and relationships outside their comfort zone.

In preparation for the September program with the Walker, would like to have a 1-2 day “retreat” to prepare for the intensity of the Walker partnership. This is not included in the CIF budget.

12:04    Update on the  EPIC SUMMERFEST – Check out plan and schedule,  looking for   volunteers.  

A week from tomorrow: we need help setting up and tearing down.

1-3 pm Mary Gonsior
3-5 pm
5-7 pm

·       Set up Bocce Ball
·       Get stage and generator
·       Speakers & Sound (Gabe)
SETUP: 9am – 1pm
·       Set up Bocce Ball
·       Get stage and generator
·       Speakers & Sound (Gabe)
·       Setting up other activities and booths
o   Holy Rosary – food
o   Park Board – hot dogs, popcorn
o   Kids games – Park Board
o   Pinata – Brad
o   T-Shirts - Brad

In future, EPIC should prepare a budget for SummerFest well in advance of the event. EPIC might be able to find funding for free food for residents (vouchers).

12:20    Adjourn