August 6, 2016

EPIC Board Meeting Minutes 08 - 06

August 6th, 10:00 am -12:00
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address:
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 280-8418

Board Roster: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Shawna Dillon, Mary Gonsior, Kristin Hanks, Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass.
Board Members Present: Jenny Bjorgo, Mary Gonsior, Kristin Hanks, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass.
Board Members Not Present: Rosie Cruz (E), Laura Dale (E), Shawna Dillon, Margarita Ortega(E).
EPIC Members: Brad Pass, Khadga B. Poudel, Michael Green dropped off a request but did not stay for the meeting.
Guests: Shirley Heyer

10:20   MOTION: Meet as a committee of the whole. Passed.

Quorum Achieved 10:25


·       Greetings and Introductions.
·       Approval of Agenda: Approved.
·       Approval of Minutes from July 2nd, 2016, (Not available; CP will distribute via email.)

10:33   Announcements:
  • Next EPIC Membership Meeting, August 11th, East Phillips Park, Thursday 6:30 pm.
  • Next EPIC Board meeting, Sept. 10th, East Phillips Park, Saturday, 10:00 am.

10:35      Update on Speed Bumps and Cameras – letter to Property owners

Speed Bumps: CP sent letters out to all property owners on 16th Avenue who are “absentee landlords”. We only need one or two more people. Alondra may be able to assist us if we don’t obtain these last couple of signatures. LL called 311 about a month ago requesting that a study be done on 18th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets. LL has heard and seen nothing in response to this request. CP will add this to her agenda with Shane Norton. EPIC asked Shane to look at the problem on Cedar and 28th, and he said he needs a letter from the community.

MOTION: EPIC will propose to the City of Minneapolis that a left-turn arrow be added to the westbound 28th Street Signal at Cedar Avenue. LL,  JB, Approved

Cameras: CP and MO met yesterday to review locations for the cameras. Issues: we have to place it on a poswt that has electricity; it is easier to use a “city-owned” post vs. Excel Energy owned post. Strongly feel 2 cameras are needed at 18th Ave location. The park board needs to do some tree trimming. We need to address potential strong objection from some. We reviewed the sample lease agreement from Ventura Village; EPIC will investigate insurance costs for camera replacement if damaged, liability, etc. Terry Honkomb of police department gave a demonstration of the cameras. If the community approves a 2nd camera at the park (3rd camera total), we can simply amend an existing lease agreement for the additional camera.

MOTION: EPIC board defined and approved  Lease agreement template with the City of Minneapolis, acting through its Police Department, to lease up to 6 powered cameras. KH, LL, Approved.

Note: implement changes to sample agreement (Ventura Village Lease Agreement – Mobile Camera System), in the following sections: (1) Parties (EPIC, Equipment), (2) Term (dates), (3) Rent (LESSOR’s office), (4) Usage (locations).

10:53    Discussion and Motion for EPIC 2015 Annual Report

MOTION: EPIC board members unanimously approved the EPIC Annual CPP Report and expressed gratitude to Carol Pass for her detailed and excellent annual report. MG, LL

As the board knows, Carol and her family have suffered multiple illnesses, property damage, injuries and more this summer, and in spite of many challenges, the annual report is thorough, and accurate; it is an evaluation providing both the positives and negatives of EPIC’s performance, and EPIC’s evaluation of NCEC’s performance in supporting neighborhood efforts to improved lives and our community.

It is unfortunate that the City is unwilling to publish EPIC’s feedback on how the City of Minneapolis and NCEC might improve their operations and support for community organizations; EPIC should find a way to publish this report for the community. Suggestions: Post EPIC’s evaluation of City Services and Interactions section of annual report on EPIC’s Facebook page (each area could be a separate weekly post, with introduction to why EPIC is posting). Board members and EPIC members should “share” posts on their own Facebook page, thus spreading the evaluation with neighbors, and Minneapolis residents in general.

11:23      Presenting EPIC’s Concerns and Motion for Hwy 55, Hiawatha, traffic pattern, access to Roof Depot Site, to MNDOT

EPIC presented our motion and diagram to MNDOT. We had an opportunity to express the negative impact of the Public Works being located here, and the disaster that would result if traffic issues were not addressed at the outset, resulting in additional negative impacts on EPIC residents. Our presentation was well received, and MNDOT appeared interested in EPIC’s concerns. It seemed that MNDOT was really listening.

11:32     New Developments and More New Traffic Issues

A new development in Seward neighborhood (Former Amble’s Site: Mino-bimaadizawin (Red Lakes Band) Development – new “embassy” will replace the current embassy on Lake and Bloomington. This may provide a development opportunity for EPIC on the two city-owned properties on Bloomington (2900 block).

Concerns: New development in Seward may create traffic congestion

11:55   Agenda for GMM

Michael’s request for agenda items: two of three are requests for information that is available on EPIC’s website. These requests are not appropriate additions to the GMM agenda, rather are requests for summaries of available information (minutes posted from past meetings). MG will respond to these questions by email. EPIC will summarize process for EPIC Meeting Minutes in GMM agenda for August 9, 2016.

·       3rd Camera (2nd at Park location)
·       Midtown Greenway – bridges & streetcar (15 min. as early as possible.)
·       Annual report approved – on website and facebook posts
·       Contract for cameras
·       MNDOT meeting report
·       Red Lake Band development

12:10    Adjourn