October 1, 2016

EPIC Board Meeting Minutes 10-01

October 1st, 10:00 am -12:00
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address: eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 280-8418

Board Roster: Jenny Bjorgo, Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Kristin Hanks , Linda Leonard, Margarita Ortega, Carol Pass.
Board Members Present: Rosie Cruz (T), Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Linda Leonard, Carol Pass.
Board Members Not Present: Jenny Bjorgo (E), Kristin Hanks (A), Margarita Ortega (E).
EPIC Members: Michael Green, Brad Pass
Guests: Shirley Heyer

10:00   Introductions:

·       Meeting as a committee of the whole.
·       Greetings and Introductions.
·       Approval of Agenda: MG, LD approved.
·       Approval of Minutes from September 10th, 2016: MG, LD approved.

10:10   Announcements:
  • Next EPIC Membership Meeting, October 13th, East Phillips Park, Thursday 6:30 pm.
  • Next EPIC Board meeting, November 5th, East Phillips Park, Saturday, 10:00 am.
  • Clean Sweep- October 8th…Get ready!
  • EPIC Garden Harvest Party- October 15th, Great for kids, pumpkin carving contest, treats, eats
  • Cedar Ave Bridge Reconstruction starting soon.

10:15     Budget Realignment 2014-2016

EPIC is showing a negative balance in one of our CPP expense categories (Communication/Outreach) and will need additional funds for 2016 in the category Professional Services. Discussed moving funds from various categories, to meet budget needs through 2016.

MOTION: Propose moving $5,000 from (9) Other Services to (1) Professional Services, and move $1,000 from (7) Development, $1,000 from (8) Fundraising, and $3,000 from (9) Other Services to (3) Communications/Outreach. MG, LD, Approved.


MOTION: Confirm previous motions approved by the committee of the whole. MG, RC, Approved.

11:17   CPP Guidelines for 2017-2019

Reviewed 2017-2019 CPP Guidelines, and application, as well as the 2014-2016 EPIC application for CPP funding. Discussed outreach and engagement opportunities, and existing connections with the neighborhood. Discussed funding needs including housing, crime and safety, etc.

M. Green reported: Arneson reported that 50 officers to Minneapolis, spread out among the precincts, but will not replace dropouts. Arneson had ordered officers to stop their concentrated efforts on Lake St, pushing the problem into the neighborhoods.

1.     Solutions police propose are the same solutions that have been proposed in the past. Lip service to our issues.
2.     Livability crimes…crime stats are always reported as increase/decrease to homicide, and other large crimes…police are not addressing livability crimes strategically, nor tracking success/failure.

Manager at Super America on Bloomington Avenue is willing to meet with EPIC to work on strategies to reduce crime around the SA store. Email: sa4378@superamerica.com.

12:08   New Board Member needed

Vacancy will be announced on EPIC website, in the Alley and via EPIC email list. EPIC will also contact Somali Radio, Little Earth, Julie at Waite House, Jeanne Whitehill (East Phillips Park).

12:15   Clean Sweep & Fall Harvest Party

Opportunities to help fight the increase in crime in East Phillips by attending and promoting the following community events.

·       Saturday, October 8th, clean sweep starting at 9 am at 2 locations, free breakfast, and lunch.  
·       Saturday, October 15th, fall harvest parting with pot luck starting at 4:30 pm in the garden on 17th Avenue.

12:19   Grievance filed

12:20   Adjourn