January 5, 2019

EPIC Board Meetiing Draft Minutes 01-05

January 5th, 2019, 10:00 Am -12:00
East Phillips Office, 2433 Bloomington Ave S.
EPIC web address: eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 280-8418

Board Roster: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Tom Harris, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Abah Mohamed, Carol Pass, Linda Vermillion.
Board Members Present: Rosie Cruz, Laura Dale, Mary Gonsior, Cassandra Holmes, Linda Leonard, Abah Mohamed, Carol Pass,
Board Members Not Present: Tom Harris (A), Linda Vermillion (A).
EPIC Members: Brad Pass, Michael Green
Guests: Shirley Heyer

10;00·       Greetings and Introductions
·       Approval of Agenda, MG, LD, Approved with change to order of agenda items
·       Approval of Board Minutes from November 3rd, 2018: LL, LD, Approved
·       (December meeting was waived to attend MPCA update/training meeting.)

10:10   Announcements:         
·       General Membership Meeting, Jan. 10th, Thursday, at East Phillips Park, 6:30 to 8:45 pm
·       Next EPIC Board Meeting, February 2nd at the EPIC office, 10 AM Saturday morning
·       Valentine's Day (Feb. 14, EPIC General Membership Meeting)
·       Green Zone Board - Monday, Jan. 7th; applications are due if you want to sit on the Southside Green Zone Board

10:15   Board Vacancy

·      Sarah Santiago
·      Steve Sandburg
·      Little Earth Candidates from last April
o   Jodi Vermillion
o   Shontal Lesjeunesse-Mishou

Mary will write a letter to be sent to Tom and Linda V.

10:38   Admin. Contract and Youth Programming amendments

MOTION: Approved an amended budget for NRP funding agreement per handout with changes.  (working off copies of NRP Action Plan-Phase II,  move additional $25,000 from 1.1.2. Foreclosure Assistance to new Admin Contract  and move $7,000 from and $10,000 from to new Youth Programming Contract.)  MG, RC, Approved.

10:48   Update on East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm:

Reviewed and discussed EPNI & Community response to Minneapolis City Council Action and CM Cano’s Staff Directive.

·       Possible new space on Minnehaha along with space in Roof Depot site (See Map)
·       Implications for EPIC (different neighborhood, different legislative district, different Ward)
·       Staff Directive
·       EPIC's response - Attorney?

MOTION: Support the response of EPNI & Community to Mpls. City Council Action. MG, CH, Approved.

Discussed the following additional items.

·       Need to review EPNI bylaws and 501(c)(3)
o   Attendance
o   501(c)(3) application in process
o   Financial oversight
·       Internal issues

10:45    Schedule for next year, changes?
·      Holidays
·      Annual meeting
o   Saturday, April 27, 2019
·      Garden Meeting Schedule – 2019 (first two Saturdays 9 am)
o   March 2, Abah
o   March 9, Abah
o   April 6,  Laura
o   April 13, Rosie
o   May 4, Mary
o   May 11, Mary
·      SummerFest
o   June 23, 2019

11:56  Adjourn


Whereas the EPNI Founding Member organizations and the EPIC Community have worked for three decades to end over-industrialization in a densely populated residential neighborhood and end the resultant health damaging pollution resulting in asthma, ADHD and cancer in the East Phillips neighborhood, and

Whereas the Minneapolis City Council Action fails to adequately address the needs of the community for a positive economic and environmental future,

Therefore, EPNI Board and Community offers the following required amendments to the 12/7/2018 Hiawatha Maintenance Facility Council action and CM Cano’s Staff Direction: