April 4, 2009

Board Meeting MInutes 04-04

April 4, 2009

Welna’s 9:30 am


Attendance: Mary Gonsior, Carol Pass, Earl Simms, Linda Leonard, 

Approved agenda: annual meeting; elections; Xcel

Minutes: unavailable

Annual Meeting

Food……needs to be prepared in the church kitchen with food purchased from grocery.
Earl will help at the meeting table

Time:  set up 8 am
Earl will help set up, cook

Margaret Kirkpatrick arrived to discuss the xcel greenway conversation about the substation. We should probably be talking with Longfellow. They don’t want it of course. The Greenway doesn’t want to lose their green space and the plans made for the park. Longfellow has already invested in plans. Carol and Margaret will talk with Longfellow leadership about a community walkaround or community meeting of some kind that would invite business owners/managers. Mary proposed them forming a task force from EPIC to deal with the Xcel question.

Annual Meeting

People have to have attended an EPIC meeting to be able to run for office. We have to check the attendance list. We need to print the application forms.

Annual report…….Carol will write it and try to incorporate it into the Phase 1 review. We could summarize the ten years and Kendra’s survey. Mary will edit it. The Home Block Nursing nonprofit might be resurrected because Norma Renville might be interested.

Mary moved/Linda seconded changing the annual meeting budget to $700. The annual report and phase one report combined have another $400 for printing.
Rosie arrived and we passed it.

  1. agenda carol/Linda: excel; park; urban 4H
  2. set up  brad sherzad alfonso, jenny, earl
  3. clean up crew  brad, jenny, earl, others
  4. Food  mary, rosie, earl
  5. greeters/sign in table, membership list Mary
  6. MC brad
  7. invitations….use park building materials, flyers; brad/carol; List: Peter M; scott v and other commissioners; mayor; gary Schiff; keith Ellison; Karen clark; Linda b; Leon Oman; Midtown; holy rosary; jay clark; amy arcan;
  8. audio visual: brad
  9. decorations, themes: Mary
  10. election: ballot counter, preparation of slate, contract and printing out forms
Maybe Jana can count…….carol’s to do.

  1. door prizes, tickets……brad
  2. entertainment: kids/guitars at Holy Rosary
  3. slide show? Brad
  4. security     Brad
  5. annual report…….Carol will try to combine the phase 1 report with the annual report

Meeting adjourned at 11 am and Mary left. Post discussion about misc. concerns.