March 26, 2009

General Membership Meeting Minutes 03-26

March 26, 2009 – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.,
Holy Rosary Church Basement, 24th and 17th Ave S

6:30      Social Time

6:40      Meeting Called to Order – Introductions
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval Meeting Minutes from February 19thth, 2008
·      Announcements: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will convene an informational planning meeting on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 9:30 AM for the purpose of receiving information from representatives of Xcel Energy on Xcel's SmartGrid City project in Boulder, Colorado.
·      Phillips Park Patrol: New mobile radios and vests, Starting soon, Check with Jenny Bjorgo

6:50      PARK CENTER : Discussion of next steps.  EPIC endorses the following MOTION: that DJR be subcontracted       by LHB and that DJR have full responsibility  for design and construction of the EPPCC Center and that LHB take responsibility for environmental and LEED factors, that contractual responsibilities are defined  and separate and that EPIC engage DJR to assist EPIC and the Design Team  in fundraising and community process.

7:30      Funding for EPIC Programs: MOTION: East/Midtown Phillips Youth Sports:
 $5,000 for the Soccer/Tutoring Program, and $5000 for the  Liga Hispana de Beisbol field rental. Review for vote. This money for these two amounts must be moved from EPIC’s NRP Action Plan Admin. line item to a changed Lifespan Goal 2, Strategy 2, which needs to reads: Explore the feasibility and create a neighborhood community center for youth and families that may operate 24 hours a day and that  will provide multiple programs and services to neighborhood youth, individuals and families both in the future Center and elsewhere. (The bold words were added to this Goal in November, 2006,  when we voted to spend the money for the Park Center. The new part now is in red)
Our motion will be in regard to both approving these funds and moving them from Admin. to the newly-worded Lifespan Goal 2, Strategy 2. This action will provide for the Plan Modification needed in this case.

7:40     XCEL Substations and Power Lines: Information, Carrie Ann Johnson’ss Face book  

7:45   Rep. Clark’s bill HF 1993:  to deal with the toxic Penta/dioxin pressure treated utility poles that Xcel and other utilities are using in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Motion: Support Bill

7:50     ANNUAL Meeting – April, Saturday 25th
8:15     Adjournment