February 6, 2010

BOard Meeting Minutes 02-06

February 6, 9:30 a.m. – 10:30  a.m.,
Welna Hardware Board Room

9:30      Introduction:
·         Approval of Agenda
·         Minutes from December

9:40    Announcements
·      EPIC General Membership Meeting, Monday, Feb. 8th,  6:30, NRP Review
·         Xcel High Voltage Transmission Lines, PUBLIC HEARING, FEBRUARY 10TH, Wednesday, 6:00 pm Plaza Verde (corner of Lake  and Bloomington) We need everyone to come.
·      EPIC Annual Meeting, Saturday, April 17th   NRP Review
·      NPI Grant - $10,000 for Soccer/Homework Help
·      Rezoning issue success. Cancelled all the R3 zoning and left zoning as it is today.  
·      Blueprint for Action: Youth Violence, Wednesday, February 10 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. at the Baha’i Center in South Minneapolis (3644 Chicago Avenue South).  Please let me know your designees’ availability

9:50    East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center plus Phillips Community Park Initiative: Update
·      Building progress
·      Soccer field
·      Partnership Progress
·      Grants??
·      Note on Phillips Pool & Gym

10:00   East/Midtown Phillips Youth Soccer/Homework Help Program:
·      CURA/NPI Grant - Budget
·      Contact with Bethel for interning tutors
·      Anderson School
·      Problems

Xcel Energy's HIgh Voltage Transmission LIne Routes & Substations
Distributed talking points for the upcoming public hearing on Wed. Feb. 10th. Distributed copies of "Intervener" application by Carol Pass on behalf of EPIC. Discussed the possibility of providing some funds to Greenway Coalition. Since Tim Springer has spent a considerable amount of time working ont he Xcel issue, and has provided the fruit of his work to neighborhood organizations, Tim has requested that the neighborhoods provide some funding to the Greenway org. Greenway org has provided $20,000 payment to an attorney to represent the Greenway in the Xcel issue, and EPIC is not able to provide direct funding to this attorney due to conflict of interest issues. Discussion of Property Value Loss to businesses and Home Owners. Discussion of EMF and health issues.

Action: CP will research whether it is possible for EPIC to use any funds in hand to make a contribution to Greenway org to help offset these expenses, probably in the range of $500-1,000.

Action:    Motion: Add to previous motions: EPIC is not prepared as a neighborhood organization to jeopardize the positive impact of our immense past work and enormous investment nor are we willing to risk the future completion of these and other new projects to accommodate overhead high voltage transmission lines through any route in any part of our neighborhood.

Bike path through neighborhood.
Report same as agenda - no discussion.

NRP Review and Phase 2 planning
Distributed copies of neighborhood NRP Phase 1 review documents which ranged from elaborate full-color reports, to a 3 page document that was successfully submitted. Set up a "calendar" for completing EPIC's Carol spoke with Bob Miller about running Phase One Review and Phase Two planning close together. This avoids re-educating the neighborhood a second time and is more efficient.
Phase 1 review, and submitting a proposal for Phase 2 to the neighborhood for consideration, comments and final approval (see calendar below.)
Consensus Decisions Re: NRP progress
Action: EPIC will schedule announcements in the Alley to publicize this calendar and process, in accordance with NRP notification requirements.
Action: CP will prepare participation agreement and Begin Phase One Review Study
Action: CP will call PRG and find out what is happening with the Greenway site.


    * CP to research and present a Participation Agreement as required by NRP

    * Advertise public meetings related to NRP Phase 1 and 2
    * Advertise completion of Phase I review and provide online link to document
    * Present completed Phase 1 review at the Annual Meeting for public comment, Dot-mocracy and comments,
    * Present very general proposal for Phase 2 plan at the Annual Meeitng

April (Annual Meeting) April 17
    * Advertise public meetings related to NRP Phase 1 and 2
    * Advertise completion of Phase 1 review
    * * Provide a means of giving feedback/comments online
    * Use Dot-mocracy for Phase 1 review and comment pages at Annual Meeting
    * * Distribute feedback forms for final Phase 1 review
    * Distribute general categories and proposal for Phase 2 plan and comment pages
* Conduct elections
* Added by Mary while writing calendar.

    * Final vote on Phase 1 review
    * Focus groups, comment sheets
    * Present final Phase 2 plan for vote next month

    * Final vote on Phase 2 plan                                                                                             Mary Gonsior