February 8, 2010

General Membership Meeting Minutes 02-08

2/8/2010 Minutes

EPIC Board Present: Carol Pass (CP), Rosie Cruz (RC), Mary Gonsior (MG), Linda Leonard (LL),
EPIC Members Present: Brad Pass (BP), Andrew Fahlstrom (AF), Cody Oestrreich (CO),
Hannah Lieder (HL).

6:30      Social Time & Introductions:

6:45      Meeting Called to Order as a Committee of the Whole:
            (A quorum was not present)        
            Approve Agenda:
            mg, bp move to approve the agenda, no objections

            Approve December Minutes:
            mg, bp move to approve the minutes, no objections

·      Xcel High Voltage Transmission Lines, PUBLIC HEARING, FEBRUARY 10TH, Wednesday, 6:00 pm Plaza Verde (corner of Lake  and Bloomington) We need everyone to come.
·      EPIC Annual Meeting, Saturday, April 17th   NRP Final Review
·      NPI Grant - $10,000 for Soccer/Homework Help
·      Rezoning issue success. Cancelled all the R3 zoning and left zoning as it is today.  
·      Blueprint for Action: Youth Violence, Wednesday, February 10 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. at the Baha’i Center in South Minneapolis (3644 Chicago Avenue South). Note: Carol and Hanah will attend. 
Xcel Energy
  • EPIC along with other neighborhoods has become an intervener.
  • The public hearing on 2/10/2010 at 6 pm - talking points have been distributed.
  • EPIC and other neighborhoods are seeking legislation from the state to enforce a population threshold on approval for these powerline decisions, rather than a simple acreage threshold.
  • The least problematic site is G4, between 31-32nd St and just west of 55. The site is NOT too small and all the neighborhoods are in agreement about site.
  • EPIC's Board is trying to find $500-$1,000 in the budget for the Midway Greenway Coalition to help offset their costs in researching this issue and informing neighborhoods.

Motion:   EPIC supports siting the east Substation at the G4 site as the least problematic site. In addition, EPIC requires the smallest possible footprint for the substation. EPIC continues to demand underground lines. EPIC would resist siting the Substation at the G5 site, just across 55 from Little Earth's residential complex at Ogema Place and would resist lines or underground down 26th St. given proximity to the adjacent new residential housing expansion of Little Earth on 26th St.(BP, HL) MOTION PASSED.

Motion:   EPIC will seek a negotiated settlement through our authorized negotiators (EPIC's intervening witnesses, Carol Pass and Karen Clark), making every effort to reach an agreement regarding substation location, routing and underground/above-ground issues and other related matters, unless negotiations do not lead to a solution acceptable to the EPIC Membership.
(BP, AF Andrew Fahlstrom) MOTION PASSED.

Southern Bike Connection through Neighborhood
·      Planner Shaun Murphy will be here at next EPIC Meeting, his contact info: 612-333-2450, email at: shaun.murphy@ci.minneapolis.mn.us
·      Think about best routes. Some issues: people have wanted to connect  the Parks Powderhorn, Stewart, Phillips Community Center for Nonprofit Management Nonprofit.
·      Potential walking, biking bridge across 55 at northeast corner of East Phillips Park across to tLRT Station.
·      16th closure for VIP Project? 18th or 17th or 16th Aves…none at all? Consider these possibilities for a month and we will try to come up with motions net month.

East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center plus Phillips Community Park Initiative: Update
Brad gave an overview of the history of the project, and an update on construction, which has been started. Excavation was started in the fall of 2009; since the site was previously residential, some pollution issues were expected, but very few problems were found. Construction will now continue in the spring. A partnership of organizations has been formed and planning is ongoing to provide programming at the new center.

East Midtown Phillips Youth Soccer/Homework Help Program
Discussed extensively during announcements.

NRP Review and Planning Process
EPIC has established a calendar for advertising meetings, and presenting the Phase 1 Review, and Phase 2 Plan to the community between March and June of 2010.

8:45   Adjournment