March 6, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes 03 - 06

 March 6th, 2010, 10:00 am

Welna Hardware Board Room



1. Epic general membership meeting Monday March 8th 6:30 PM at Holy Rosary.
2. EPIC Board Meeting Saturday April 3rd at 10:00 A.M. - Welna Break Room.
3. EPIC Annual Meeting Saturday April 17th 2010 at 9:30 A.M. - Oliver
4. Garden Steering Committee Meeting Saturday April 3rd at 9:00 A.M. - Welna Break
 a. EPIC must appoint Jenny Bjorgo or another Board Member as Garden SteeringCommittee Member
b. EPIC must appoint a Board Member as Garden Steering Committee alternate to replace
Chiffon Williams.
5. Garden General Membership Meeting Saturday April 10th at 9:00 A.M. in the Garden.

EPIC's Monday night, March 8th, General Membership Community Meeting
From 6:30-8:30 pm at Holy Rosary Board Room,

AGENDA will include:
• Phillips Parks Planning initiative: Beginning Plans to Unify Park Programs. Planning. An Initiative by
Bob Albee.
RE: EPIC Leadership Designation for Phillips Community Parks Initiative

Move that EPIC support efforts by Ventura Village’s Secretary, Robert Albee to lead the Phillips
Community Parks Initiative in efforts to re-define and re-open the Phillips Community Center
(formerly the Boys and Girls Club) in a manner compatible with the diverse interests of the
residents and stakeholders of the Phillips Community.

Further move that EPIC’s Carol and Brad Pass continue to work closely with Ventura Village’s
Mr. Albee and representatives from Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association and Phillips
West Neighborhood Association in efforts to ensure that a sustainable set of programs be
developed to serve residents of all ages in this important community facility. In this capacity,
verbal and written monthly progress reports to EPIC will be presented.
 We further move that every effort be made to ensure that the existing swimming pool inside the
facility be maintained as a pool and that benefactors be found who will support the pool’s
reconstruction to serve current and future residents.

Xcel Energy's High Voltage Transmission Lines: Rep. Karen Clark's
bill before the Legislature. Read the bill. Find out how you can help protect our community.
Join us to testify or just be there in opposition!! We need people to come.
Talking points are attached. Call Carol or Brad at 612-280-8418 or
612-916-8478 if you want to join us. Then come Monday night to our community meeting
to share what happened. Please help Phillips stay free of this health and
economic disaster.

East Phillips NRP Phase One Review:
Help us review the past and decide the future.We have ONE MORE SHOT at defining our
NEIGHBORHOOD and having the money to actually do something about it. Start thinking about this.
We will begin a survey of opinions Monday night.

: April 17th, Helpers, Board members and ideas needed. Bring ideas.

• Parking Issues on 2900 Block of 16th Ave.
(Rosie's Block)What should we do??

• Continuing the Village In Phillips Project:
Housing: See the following
Re: 2 houses on 2400 block of 16th Ave. S. – suggested buys for Village in Phillips, Phase 3?
These two purchases would leave 2 privately owned properties (2423 and 2445) on the odd side of the street from E. 25th to 2417 16th Ave. S. and one public housing town home (2425-2427). Of the eight remaining lots, six (in green color) are already owned by the city and there is an opportunity to buy the remaining 2 vacant buildings, a boardup and a foreclosure, (in red color).
1) 2417 16th Ave. S. LOT SIZE 29.33 X 123.5 CPED already owns, demolished 1995, bought by city in 1987 for $42,500 (this is a mistake, a Parker R R bought it in 1986).

2) 2419 16th Ave. S. LOT SIZE 29.34 X 123.5 CPED already owns, demolished 1995, bought by city
in 1987 for $35,000 (this is a mistake, a Parker R R bought it in 1987).

3) 2423 16th Ave S. LOT SIZE 29.33 X 123.5 owned by Lynne Mayo, EMV $120,500, bought in 1989 for $19,000.

4) 2425-2427 16th LOT SIZE 57.7 X 123.5 2- unit townhouse owned by Mpls. Public Housing
Authority, EMV $208,500, built in 1972.

5) 2431 16th LOT SIZE 29 x 123.5 (unbuildable) CPED already owns, demolished 2008. City paid
$3,500 for it in Nov. 2008. EMV 2006, $137,500. Boarded as a drug house and demoed 2007 – a Selwin Ortega property, who owned it since 1997 when EMV was $19,000.

6) 2533 16th LOT SIZE 43.2 X 123.5 foreclosure, vacant and for sale by Act Properties Llc, 7515 Irvine Center Dr Irvine, CA 92618. Prior year delinquent taxes. For Sale sign in the front yard behind bushes.EMV $72,500. In 2006 EMV was $31,000. Thomas E Malloy is listed as owner 2009. ACQURA C/O Scott Pekarek, CB-Burnet filed Truth in Sale of Housing Dec. 29, 2009.

7) 2435 16th LOT SIZE 43.2 x 123.5 CPED already owns, demolished 1990

8) 2439 16th LOT SIZE 24 x 123.5 (unbuildable) CPED already owns, demolished 1997

9) 2441-2443 16th is vacant and boarded, condemned 8-24-09 by city problem properties - this is the
French mansard house. LOT SIZE 41.38 X 123.5, bought by Benson Oct. 2002 for $210,000 Warranty Deed. Current Estimated Market Value by tax records is $211,000 but building boarded and empty two years or so. Currently listed as owned by Thomas Benson, 1770 Beecher Drive Eagan Mn 55122 – last rental license in 2006 (Thomas Benson but different address: 2121 Cliff Drive Suite 212, Eagan, MN 55122, (507-990-5218)

10) 2445 16th?? LOT SIZE 25.00 X 123.50 (unbuildable) Currently owned by Ernesto Lazo lists this as his address. He filed Truth in Sale of Housing report filed 2-8-08 (expires 2-8-10), which means he is trying to sell the property. A former George Grant house 1991-1998. Current EMV $153,500

11) 2445 16th LOT SIZE 25.00 X 123.50 (unbuildable) CPED already
owns, demolished 2007, city bought it for $1 in February 2009.
(This work is compliments of Shirley Heyer. Thanks, Shirley