January 7, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes 01-07

January 7th, 2012, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S**
EPIC web address: http://www.eastphillips-epic.com/index.html
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present:   Mary Gonsior, Carol Pass, Steve Struthers (Guests: Brad Pass)
                        Note: We remained without a quorum, so these motions will need ratification at the next                                     board or community meeting to go forward.

10:00   Introduction:
·     Meeting as COW
·      Approval of Agenda (MG, CP)
·      Approval of Minutes from EPIC Board Meeting Minutes  - no meeting in Dec.
·      Still need to approve Oct. and Nov. board meeting minutes. 

10:10    Announcements: 
·      EPIC Membership Meeting:  Thursday, January 12, 6:30 at the East Phillips Park Community Center,
·      Xcel Power Lines – last public hearing. Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM; Public Hearing Room, 3rd Floor Metro Square Bldg, 121 7th Place E, Ste 350, St. Paul, MN 55101
·      Free computer classes at AIOIC

10:20    NRP Contracts Concluded

Phase I contract re-allocations have been submitted and approved. CP will notify the Park and ensure that the money goes toward the soccer fields at EPPCCC. CP received a copy of the final approval of EPIC’s Phase II plan. CP attended the NRP wrap up party at the NRP office, but left early due to the drunken behavior of
Some staff and residents. CP has not received a check for Doug Wise’ contract, and is checking on it. Another check not received yet is for $29,000 from CPP (community participation), and CP is checking on this payment also. We need to decide what to do with these funds, within the spending lmitations of the fund.

10:30             Land Use Issues: 28th and Cedar, Smith Foundry, Bituminous Roadways, 2830 Cedar Ave.

EPIC has received letters from several people who are actively writing letters and emails to Gary S. to support neighboring resident’s efforts to see the 2003 Minneapolis Plan and Greenway plan for this area, implemented in this neighborhood, that is, the removal of heavy industrial activities at these sites.

What can we do to get the city to listen? We are a coalition of people in this area that want to get things done, these letters should come to EPIC so we can work together on these issues. Three or four organizations working separately can be divided.

Steve proposed that EPIC re-send our motions to Gary, and copy to the Mayor. Pushing the issue of the City Plan for this area. Joining with neighboring Ventura Village, Midtown, Corcoran, Powderhorn in opposing industrial development. Ward 9 as a whole, telling Gary what we want.
Get the people together: 2850 Cedar, Steve’s block club, 28th & Cedar building.

MOTION: Whereas etc2830 Cedar per letter from Greenway Terrace C. A. supported by COW, pending action at the EPIC GMM.

MOTION: Bituminous Roadways etc. supported by COW, pending action at the EPIC GMM.

10:50            Public Utilities Commission Meeting on Power Lines

This is the last public hearing with community input. Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM; Public Hearing Room, 3rd Floor Metro Square Bldg, 121 7th Place E, Ste 350, St. Paul, MN 55101People are encouraged to attend. If attending, be respectful, support underground on 28th St. Press for it to be in the middle of the street. Accept community input on the architectural design of substations.

11:10            Shirley Heyer

MOTION: Extend the memorandum of agreement for Shirley’s contract. $500 for at least two months. JB/LL Passed

11:20            Running Wolf (Connie)

MOTION: Support providing a grant of $5,000 for the budget of Running Wolf, conditioned on them providing services for at least 50 residents of East  Philips, pending receipt of a proposal and agreement on terms for recognizing service to EPIC residents. (MG-CP) Passed

11:25            Annual Meeting Agenda

We have to elect officers (4-5 board members’ terms have expired.) It would be glorious to announce the housing rehab lottery, dependent on Doug’s contract. Food (Shirley) and door prizes (Brad). Could use help getting contributions from restaurants and local vendors; sports equipment for youth, bicycles.

Idea groups – design a new, attractive, permanent barrier for 25th Street.

11:50            Next Month’s Agenda

Alliance housing – update
Annual Meeting
Hi-Lake – Liquor store problems/City inaction
Elder Housing – How to apply to reside there?
Hi-Lake Triangle apartments
Design Charette – redesigning the 25th Street barrier (research on internet); invite Banyon

11:55            Adjournment