January 12, 2012

General Membership Meeting Minutes 01-12

January 12th, 201th, 2012, 6:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

EPIC General Membership Meetings are the SECOND THURSDAY of each Month at the
East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S**
EPIC Mailing Address:  2536 18th Ave. S., Mpls., MN 55404
EPIC Web Site:  eastphillips-epic.com

Board Members – Carol Ann Pass (CP), Mary Gonsior (MG), Chiffon Williams (CW), Steve Struthers (SS), Linda Leonard (LL), Jenny Bjorgo (JB), Earl Simms (ES),
General Members: - Brad Pass (BP), Pat Fleetham (PF), Jama Osman (JO), Mahamed Cali (MC)
Visitors: -  Shirley Heyer (SH)


Approval of minutes (the past two months minutes need approving): Motion: Nov. Minutes –LL/CW, Passed
Motion: Dec. 8 Minutes LL/CW Passed

Approval of Agenda: Add 2830 Cedar, Add Non Conforming / Problem Properties. Pat Fleetham, president of Greenway Terrace Condominium Association.

Agenda approved with additions: JB/ CW


EPIC Phase II Plan was passed by the City Council on Dec. 9, 2011.
First Annual Community Connections Conference. Sat., Coming Feb. 11, 2012. St. Mary’s University Event Center (formerly Zurah Shrine Event Center). 2540 Park Avenue. EPIC wants to make a presentation and host an information table. Steve and Jenny will begin investigating what we might do.
Multi-cultural Pick Up Soccer (LL). See Travis at EPPCCC.
EPPCCC Programming Partner Meeting (BP): The last Tuesday of the month 11:30 am. Lunch is served.
EPIC Annual Meeting. April, Date TBD. New Board Candidates must have attended at least one regular EPIC General Membership Meeting before elections of board members. See Carol Pass for more information, or to request an application to run for the board.

Report on Power Lines:
Xcel Energy chose to place the high voltage power lines UNDERGROUND. Shirley shared details from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission public hearings, along with a written report.

Add 2830 Cedar, Add Non Conforming / Problem Properties. Pat Fleetham, president of Greenway Terrace Condominium Association.

2830 Cedar Ave Conditional Use Permit (day care center):
Pat reported that the developers of this property have not made any progress on their conditional use permit/development of this property. Permit expires in April. Some neighborhood people want to see the property returned to residential use. EPIC should contact the city about this property to determine what the issues are regarding this property.

MOTION (Ratify Board Motion): EPIC is in receipt of the letter written to EPIC by Greenway Terrace, and will write it’s own letter asking that there be no further approvals made unless evident progress has been established and evidence of funding prior to the expiration of the current permit. At this point, nearby neighborhood preference is that the property be returned to residential housing if there is no progress and  permit does not get renewed. We would object to it being torn down. In addition, EPIC will contact the owner of the property, and Gary Schiff’s office to facilitate communication. (SS, PF). Passed.

Linda wants to know who holds legal title, what is the status of the permit, etc. The claim was made that no one has contacted the owners. Carol pointed out that we initially supported this project over a year ago. Carol will contact the owner on behalf of EPIC to see what their current intentions are. CP would like to see EPIC contact Heidi (Aide to Gary S.) also to find out if she is tracking on the project. Jenny is supportive of the day care in concept and asked if EPIC could find money to help fund the daycare. Mohammed agrees that we need to get more education about what is going on, and would favor investigating before making a decision.

Bituminous Roadways:

MOTION (Ratify Board Motion): EPIC will send a letter citing health concerns, site usage concerns (Minneapolis Plan, etc.), existing environmental laws, we will support the letter written by GTCA. (SS. CP) Passed.

Contracts and Projects Updates:

1. Contract with Doug Wise
Distributed a copy of Doug’s contract. CP will meet with Doug next week. Call CP if you want to participate.
2. Greenway Heights Apartments
$50,000 design & architectural work for Phoenix Development. Family housing north side of the greenway.
3. Board MOTIONS from the last Board meeting without a quorum.
East Phillips Health Initiative with Running Wolf, Ratify the EPIC Board Committee of the Whole Motion of 1/7/2012
            MOTION: to assist Running Wolf in their healthy living work for at least 50 East Phillips residents with $5000. EPIC collaborates with Recruiting/Marketing. Contract to be created and confirmed next month. Passed LL, JB
            MOTION: Extend the memorandum of agreement for Shirley’s contract. $500 per month for at least             two more months. LL, JB Passed
            MOTION: Letter to Bituminous Roadways etc. from COW. LL, CP Passed
4. CPP grant
More funding was received. EPIC needs to decide what to do with these funds.
5. Other programs

Mohamed Cali submitted a proposal for a soccer and organizing program. 80% of those served will come from the East Phillips neighborhood. Mohamed will provide additional information for Guri Nabad (Peace House). We will look at the CPP Fund, and try to raise money.

MOTION: We endorse this program in concept and will seek to support with funding. CP, SS. Passed.

2600 – 17th Alliance Housing Project:
Project is slated for a residential neighborhood where the zoning is not appropriate, and it is coming back. We defeated this project last year, so why it is back? We don’t know. There has been no public hearing on this. The CDC is having a meeting on Tuesday.

MOTION: Once again, we OPPOSE, the egregious betrayal of the neighborhoods objection to the inappropriate spot zoning, in complete disregard of local sentiment, property values, and expressed intent of the EPIC neighborhood. LL/JB Passed.