February 2, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes 02-02

                                                   February 2nd, 2013, Saturday, 10:00 am

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center
EPIC web address: http://www.eastphillips-epic.com/index.html
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Present (board): Carol Pss, Linda Leonard, Mary Gonsior, Chiffon Williams, Jenny Bjorgo, Earl Simms, Rosie Cruz
Not Present (board): Jose-Luis Villasenor,
Members: Brad Pass, Alfonso Cruz, Sherdl Kordian

10:00             Introduction:
                                 Approval of the Agenda- passed
                                 Approval of Minutes from 1/ 5 2013 EPIC Board Meeting – passed.

10:10    Announcements: 
·      EPIC Membership Meeting: Thursday, February 14th, Valentine’s day, 6:30 pm, the East Phillips Park Center
·      Phillips West Winter Fest – February 7, free dinner at 2400 Park Ave. Lutheran Social Services.
·      Website expansion

10:15      Greenway Heights Apartments: 
Progress….Improved design…Still working on design concerns. Carol showed some pictures. Working on additional grants. Power line post right in the middle of the development. We will seek help from Xcel Energy. The developer asked if we could put up some funds to help leverage County grant to help with balconies…This could use dollars already contracted in Phase II. It is ‘bricks and mortar’ money. EPIC funds for the Balconies, would need to come from Phase II NRP, we could use Home Buyer Dollars, exactly $35,000, and replenish this fund later with CPP dollars. Home buying is slow at present and there is a current City program that we could use if necessary.  EPIC could do a plan modification and replace this money later. Board decided to float this with the community.

Motion: Help with funding for the Balconies. $35,000, contingent on approval of a community supported design with balconies, money to come from Phase II NRP Home Buyer to be replenished with later CPP dollars (MG, JB) Passed.

Solar Station in Powderhorn. Jenny B will research what this is, and report next month.

10:40            A-POD Budget – Latino Diabetes Outreach, Project and Final Budget amount already approved, Board Motion needed for small changes to budget. Add wording to clarify that EPIC’s partnership is “collaborative”, and contingent on participation by EPIC residents. Working on  sharing cost for simultaneous language translation equipment…streaming interpretation. Linda is still researching equipment and cost.

Motion: EPIC accepts final budget and scope of service with amendments, and will give $2,500 toward the A-POD budget. (JB, LL) Passed. 

10:55             Housing Programs: Brochure in Spanish, Report on meeting with CEE and Doug. Committee?? Who should, would help? Door knocking and explaining. Some people are intimidated by the form. Hand holding and helping with the form will be necessary. Jenny and Rosie try to help Spanish speakers. The housing grants are moving very slow, but program is good. Marketing needs to be figured out.

11:10            East Phillips Basketball- 18 – 25 ??? Management and recruitment. Figure out program with Travis and Paul. Brad mentioned starting a Sports Council like some of the other Parksrks. They do fund raising. Needs and coaches were discussed..Travis has recruited a couple of guys. Funding support?

11: 20            Youth Soccer Saturdays – See Flyer – Funding Support.
Motion: EPIC will provide funds of up to $1,000.00 for equipment to start a spring soccer program with emphasis on serving EPIC children, ages 5-14. (LL, JB) Passed.

11:30   We need a new Board Member and an office for EPIC…Thoughts?? Board member would sserve until the Annual Meeting.

Sherdl Kordian is interested in serving as a board member, and the board will recommend him to the membership. (CP, JB) Passed.

11:50            Adjournment at Noon