February 14, 2013

General Membership Meeting Minutes 02-14

February 14, 2013, 6:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center, 2307 17th Ave S.
EPIC web address: eastphillips-epic.com
Office: 2536 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

EPIC Members: Brad Pass, Vi Watson, Lee Samelson, Pat Fleetham, Sherdl Kordian,  
Gloria Kordian, Alfonso Cruz, Mary Grace Alton, Aisha Gomez, Kristy Jacobson, Shoui Tsai, Carol Hill
Board Members Present: Carol Pass, Mary Gonsior, Jenny Bjorgo, Linda Leonard, Rosie Cruz,
Board Members Not Present: Earl Simms, Chiffon Williams, JoseLuis Villasenor
Guests: Glen Goldsby (Sundial Solar), Timothy DenHerder Thomas (Corcoran; energy and solar),

Happy Valentines Day!
6:55            Introductions:
·       Greetings and Introductions
·       Approval of Agenda (JB, BP). As amended to add set date for annual meeting. Passed.
·       Approval of Minutes from EPIC 01/10/2012 General Membership Meeting (JB, BP) Passed.

7:00            Announcements:
·       Park Board Discussion and vote on the Pool project. Update:  Park Board faces a discussion and vote next Wednesday. We hope to continue to support the pool with support an extension from the county, because the Park Board was granted a $350,000 additional fund, hinging on the Park Board agreeing to maintain the pool for an apparent 26 years. The Park Board would need an extension of the time to commit to accepting  the $350,000 to work out these details. Comm. Wilenski said that the entire funding for the pool hinges on the Park Boards acceptance of this grant and its long term commitment to see to it that there is operational support for the pool. The neighborhoods could be a united front and help lobby for this. Ventura Village has asked for EPIC’s help.
·       Sunday Family Boot Camp with MaryCarmon; 12:15-1:15, Feb. 17, 2013. Physical fitness challenges for adults and youth.

7:12            Is Solar Energy for You? Glen Goldsby from Sun Dial Industries

Pace Program is coming out soon; you can take a home assessment. The state will provide 10% of the value of your home to make energy improvements. Expected to happen in about 3 weeks.

Solar awning, next to a tiny diner off of 38th and 11th. This was built using panels made by a MN solar company. There are many rebates available for installing solar products. 30% Xcel rebate, 30% tax rebate, 30% Made in MN rebate, for a total of 90% in rebates!

Free perspectus available from Sun Dial Industries; looking at all the ways you can reduce your energy usage.

There are free seminars that talk about solar this Saturday 10 am- 1pm, free. 2327 E. Franklin Ave. RSVP to http://action.sierraclub.org/MNSolarTraining.  

7:35              A-POD Budget – Latino Outreach Project has been approved. This fund is to start the Latino part of this program. Most of the people are from East Phillips and the statistics showing improvement (lower blood pressure, weight loss, etc.) are really good. They have interpreters and the group is growing. There already is a Somali group and a general population group. This could become a major program and EPIC can collaborate in marketing and getting people to the meetings.
MOTION: EPIC accepts final budget and scope of service with amendments, and will give $2,500 toward the A-POD budget. (JB, LL) Passed. 

7:50    Unveiling of Greenway Heights Apartment Building, 2845 Bloomington

EPIC’s final major apartment project. After working patiently for years to find the right developer, EPIC has worked for months now with the developer and architects to ensure that the final design implements the vision formed by many of you at the community meeting of April 14, 2011, when we gave all our input…affordability, balconies and beauty. We spent $275,000 on the townhomes; $150,000 on 29th and Bloomington; we have only spent about $99,000 on this project. Additional committed funding will help guarantee the balconies if we partially pay for them..not those little tiny ones. A full balcony for each unit. This project is leveraging about $7M for our neighborhood. Therefore, the board recommends the following motion to the general membership:

MOTION: EPIC will provide funding of $35,000 in order to include balconies in this project design.  The plan is the $35,000 would need to come from Phase II NRP, we can use Home Buyer Dollars, exactly $35,000, and replenish this fund later with CPP dollars. (PF, LL) Passed. This motion is not final, but will be sent out for 30-day review and later final vote, probably at the Annual Meeting.

MOTION: EPIC approves the concept drawing as presented. (PF, LL) Passed.

8:17     Set date for Annual Meeting

The EPIC annual meeting will be held on April 27, 2013, contingent upon this NOT BEING a conflict with Caucus dates/times.

8:25   Sherdl Kordian is a student at Henn. Technical college studying to be a firefighter. Lived in the neighborhood for about 17 years. Has worked for the park board (Whittier) as a teenager. Participated in youth soccer as a player and mentor to other kids.  The board has recommended that Sherdl serve as a board member in the vacant seat until the next Annual meeting.

MOTION: EPIC confirms the board nomination of Sherdl Kordian to fill the vacant seat on the board until the Annual meeting. Passed.

8:30            EPIC Housing Programs

Home Buyer Assistance, Rehab Assistance, help with Emergencies and Foreclosure Avoidance Assistance. Our work is done formulating this program, translating it into Spanish and working with our loan managers to process loans. Now we are ready to make this happen. The deadline for the March Alley is tomorrow, so we need to get an announcement in.

8:35             City Grievance Policy – ADA Compliance

EPIC’s meetings are ADA compliant.
Translations: Providing translators, and translations for our diverse community is in keeping with EPIC’s mission and is strongly encouraged by the City..

8:40            Adjournment