March 7, 2009

Board Meeting Minutes 03-07

March 7th, 2009

Directors Present: Jenny, Carol, Linda, Earl by phone


We accepted the agenda and minutes as committee of the whole.
Reports as per the agenda:

Waiting for 10K for soccer
NRP has other bills in the works. One is for statewide applications.
We suggested Chiffon as a board person to take the place of Juliet who resigned.
We discussed meeting at Holy Rosary on Mondays, not Thursdays.
Jenny took the list that Carol made for the annual meeting and Jenny will start to get people to help.

We might use a Quit Claim deed and transfer the title of the garden.

Common Bond dropped out of the Village Project. Sherman might help build the project for us with PRG. Carol will meet with them next Friday. We want to recommend Sherman.

Annual Meeting: we should have an annual meeting planning meeting for April 25th.

Xcel: Karen Clark is working on a bill regarding density and power lines.

EPIC board censors the park board for freezing the Design Team out of the redesign process and expects the final design to meet the approval of the Design Team.