March 12, 2009

General Membership Meeting Minuts 03-12

March 12, 2009 
Holy Rosary  Conference Room

Jennie Bjorgo (JB), Brad Pass (BP), Carol Pass (CP), Chiffon Williams (SW), Tom Malloy (TM), Linda Leonard (LL), Sherzad Kordian (SK), Rosie Cruz (RC), Aden Awil (AA), Earl Simms(ES)

JB Chaired and called the meeting to order 6:48

MOTION:   Approve the agenda. CP Moved, BP Seconded Motion Passed

BP Point of order: Since there is not a quorum shall we proceed as a committee of the whole?
MOTION: To proceed as Committee of the whole, passes

MOTION:   Approve the Minutes. CP pointed out that under “Funding for Programs” on page 2, the three organizations are not identified. East Midtown EMPY
Motion passed with addition of the 3 organizations.

Earl Simms arrival creates a quorum
MOTION: Proceed as a normal meeting, approve agenda and Feb. Gen. Membership minutes

Xcel meeting on Smart Grid tomorrow at 9:30 AM
Community of Phillips Patrol (COPP) patrol is cranking up with compatible walkee- Talkees with Little Earth Patrol.

Park Center:
Reviewed PowerPoint and figured Money.

Funding for EPIC Programs:
$5,000 for EMPY,  $5,000 for Liga Hispana de Beisbol,  Discussion: Linda: will the CURA Grant take us far enough to continue program, since this NRP money takes so long?  Brad: We might have to carry it for a month and be reimbursed. Hope not.
MOTION:   Moved to support the proposed funding and Plan modification with language change forward to the Annual Meeting. Passed

Don Greeley provided ID cards for COPP

Xcel Substations:
See Carrie Ann’s Web site for info

Rep. Karen Clark’s Bill HF 1993:
MOTION:   Support Bill Motion Passed

Annual Meeting Saturday, April, 25th:
Terms are up for Mary G, Linda, Earl & Rosie – may run again. Returning are Carol, Aden, Jennie and Sherzad.   Prospective New Board Members Chiffon, Cedric,

Agenda:                       Carol
Food:                           Rosie, Jennie, Continental Breakfast, tomallies
MC:                             Brad
Set-up                          Brad,
Door Prizes:                Jennie, Brad
Entertainment:             Holy Rosary Kids Guitar Band
Flowers:                      Annie???
Adjourned at 8:56